Sunday, March 27, 2011

My New Kitchen

It's done!  My Kitchen is finally completed.  I love how it turned out.  It all started out with a simple wish.  I wanted more lighting in the kitchen.  Our fluorescent light did not work and our ceiling fan light just did not provide adequate light in our kitchen.  I asked if we could replace the light in the ceiling fan similar to our porch.

 This type of light fixture provides light to the entire room.  My husband told me that we could or how about getting a new light entirely or fixing the fluorescent light?  We went to the store and fell in love with an entirely new light, however having so many kids living with us being the practical people we are, we chose to buy new light bulbs for the florescent light.  We came home and the light worked.  I have to admit I was disappointed, I really wanted that light fixture.  However the good Lord must have known my wants and thought I deserved it, the light did not work for very long only 1 day and then it started flickering as if it was some sort of strobe light.  The next day only half of it worked.  The following week we went back to the store and bought our new light fixture.  On January 9th Todd and Matthew took the florescent light down and placed our new light up.
And it was Good!  Naturally we needed to paint the ceiling now because of the remnants of the florescent light pattern on the ceiling.  Todd brought up the fact we need to paint the ceiling he said we might as well paint the walls.  I was thrilled because we were going to paint the walls in both living rooms this year as well as the main bathroom.  I did not think we were going to touch the kitchen at all since it was, well it had color where the living rooms are just plain white.  I knew he hated the kitchen and had wanted for some time to do a make-over in it.  He wanted new cupboards (we did have some with water damage), a new counter top, and new flooring.  I asked him if we could also paint the cupboards since I love our current ones.  I love how the lower cupboards the top shelf pulls out.  Earlier that week I re-organized my cupboards where I could pull the top shelf out and get what I needed, my knee inhibits me from bending down many days any more.  This way I can do for myself a little more.  I told him I wanted a Carmel color on the walls and a lighter color on the cupboards.  He looked as if I said something strange and said he will have to see it first, he just did not want white cupboards in the kitchen.  I agree because our kids are not the cleanest bunch and I can see red pasta stains on the cupboard from them not cleaning up their spills.  

The next time we went to Menards I showed him the colors I wanted.  He loved them as well and we picked up the paint and equipment needed to remove the wall paper in our kitchen.  Here are some before shots.

The ceiling fan did not go with the new light.  I did not like the brass finish on this light and the nickle finish with our new light, so I asked if we could replace it as well.  I was surprised he said yes. 

We also needed a new pantry door. Our old one broke 2 years ago and we used the broken door as our table on the porch for our lettuce and baby spinach container garden.  As you see it was an okay kitchen.  Out dated with the wall paper and the sponge painted yellow and white walls.  Actually they were white walls with yellow sponge paint.  The people who painted the walls just went heavy with the yellow sponging, where they lost the effect they were trying to create.  January 16th, the day after our last Christmas celebration we I started to strip the kitchen.  I had fun with my facebook post that day.  This wall paper had been up for two decades and it did not want to come down so easily.  I was able to completely take the trim around the kitchen down but the higher part was the hard part.  My husband and Joshua on this same day removed the old ceiling fan and put up a new one that complimented our new light.  The next weekend we painted the ceiling.

My husband had requested some time off the first week in February, he completed the section of wall paper from the microwave to the end of the wall above the refrigerator for me.  I was only able to work on this on the weekend with all the taxing I do after work for Joshua.  He is heavily involved with extra curricular activities and working at this time.  Each day I came home from work while Todd was on vacation he did a little more in the kitchen.  He primed the walls one day, he then painted the walls the next day and the next day applied the second coat. He tore off all the trim around the windows, doors, and top of the cabinets as well as the base boards.  He suggested that we go with a darker brown to give it a little more accent.  I loved how he was getting involved in this project.  How excited he had become.  I started to feel guilty that he was doing more then I in the kitchen.  It is hard for us to work on projects together because we work opposite shifts and his weekends are different every week. He works four days on then two days off.  The only time we do have together is on the real weekend and it is limited because the man does need to sleep as well.  I ended up taking a day and a half off to help with painting the cupboards.  We had the Monday following off so I ended up with a four and half day weekend for me.  Trust me it took that many days too.  It was a very long process painting the cupboards.  Once again my time off did not coincide with his time off so I would work on this project mainly myself.  The prime we had was oil based and Kera being pregnant went freak on us and ended up staying at her mother's for the weekend.  Due to this I wanted it done, well at least all the prime done by the end of the weekend.  I ended up with little sleep because of this process, paint the prime, let it dry, flip the door  and paint this side of the door with prime, let it dry, paint the color, let it dry, flip the door and paint this side.  Only 5-7 doors at a time could be painted because that is all the room I had on my table.  I accomplished my goal and painted all 32 doors and 10 drawers as well as the cabinets.  And it was Good!

During this time frame my husband thought that it would look nice to add molding at the top and add a trim that matches the top of the cabinets to the back of the splash guard on the counter tops.  This trim would only be temporary until the end of the year or sometime next year when we replace the counter tops, then we will have a tile back splash added.  I loved the idea.  Every weekend we worked on the kitchen it seemed like it would never end.  He found new things he wanted to add and I thought they would accent the kitchen nicely.   I wanted to do more during the week while he slept but was afraid to pound nails since the kitchen is next to our bedroom.  I ended up decorating my plates that I wanted to add to the walls as decorations.  I wanted our kitchen to feel warm and sort of nostalgic a little.  I wanted the style of cafe curtains like my grandmothers had.  I wanted decorative spoon and fork on the wall like my mother had in our kitchen when I was little.  The main thing I wanted was a warm, cozy feeling, a calming feeling, let's sit down and talk feeling.  President Day weekend the floor was laid.  It only took Todd and Joshua 5 hours to complete,except for the last 2 inches near the outside wall.  Todd did not have the proper saw to complete this that day.  I went several weeks with this gap, now it would not bother me except while Todd was cutting the boards down to complete the last full row of boards, Joshua thought it would be funny to draw on the old flooring.  (We hated the old white linoleum.  It did not matter after you mopped it, it still looked dirty.  The only way to truly clean this floor was to get on your knees and scrub and with my bad knees this did not happen any more.)  Joshua wrote "Josh waz here" and drew a cartoonish male anatomy.  Yep, for two weeks I saw his drawing on my floor.  **insert rolling eyes here**

There were a couple of weekends we did nothing to the kitchen.  We had other commitments those weekends.  My house looked like a disaster zone.  We had things from our kitchen in the small living room that was just on the other side.  We had boxes in our main living room, the pantry doors and floor boards.  I could not wait to get the kitchen done.  I was sick of the disarray it brought to my house.  We also needed to paint the main living room.  This was the room I wanted painted the most, this and the foyer that we had to patch from when Emily stuck her foot through the wall.  I wanted it to look nice for Joshua's graduation in May. We purchased the paint last year.  Come April nothing inside is worked on except the routine cleaning because it is garden season and our weekends are outdoors then.  I have given up on the main bathroom that needs a make-over worse then the kitchen due to the mold growing on wall paper. This will have to wait for this Fall.  I also given up painting the small living room and stair way.  We only have one and a half months left to work on the inside.  Todd's mother wanted to come up this weekend to see the kitchen.  This inspired Todd to complete the very little we had left and we finished it.  WE FINISHED our kitchen on March 25th.  And it is Good!  It is more then good.  I love it.  It is everything I wanted it to be.  It is what I envisioned. 

Pictures we found at Menards that we thought went with the theme in our kitchen as well as the colors.
It is funny because I picked up some material very close to the red in the pictures to decorate kitchen towels to hang on my stove.

The decorative spoon and fork I found that compliments the colors and theme as well.

I think I need to add a little under the counter light in the corner.

One of my plates I decorated.

One of Todd's ideas to add a decorative wood decal in the kitchen.  I love this one.

More plates that I decorated.  We left two sets of cupboards off for now.  
We are testing the hinges to see if the white paint will stay.  
We feel if the hinges were white it would look better and painting 64 hinges 
would be much better then purchasing 64 hinges.

I bought a bowl to match the plates I decorated.
A nice shot of our new pantry doors.
Another addition Todd made the medallion at the base of the new light fixture. 
This meant the light fixture had to be taken down and then added again.
I love the look it has though.  He did a great job.
The new curtains prior to ironing them.
I feel in love with this little rug.  It is perfect for the kitchen.  
The floor I have to say is my favorite part of the room.
I love how it looks clean when I do clean it. 
I just love it!
Here is the same of the cupboards we are going to install later.  We have no idea as for the tile at this time.  No rush to find it since it is going to be awhile.  I love love love my new kitchen.  I love the fact that it was both of us that created this room.  There are very few rooms in the house that is Todd and I instead of his ex and he.  Alright there are only two rooms, the back porch which was my favorite room and now the kitchen.  Todd told me that he will never doubt the colors I chose again because I have proven to him with both rooms I have an eye for color and bringing out what we want.  Silly man, he should have never doubted me. he he he

Now to start on the main living room. I have scaled back what I want to do, right now just paint the walls.  Crown molding will wait because we are laying the same type of flooring in the foyer area to get rid of that nasty white linoleum as well.  Our garden seasoning is approaching quickly as well as graduation day.


  1. It's beautiful! We redid our counters and cabinets last year, but we haven't replaced light fixtures or flooring. And I would love to change the wall color in the kitchen. you guys did a great job!

  2. Thanks! I can't wait to do the cabinets and then the tile back splash but that has to wait.

  3. Looks great!!! I love that it reflects your style as a couple. Now I'm really, really thinking about painting my cabinets...

  4. Thanks Carrie! :) I love my cabinets. Make sure you use oil base primer and get a paint made for cabinets and trim.


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