Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Poor Japan

I have been so sad about what I am reading and hearing about Japan.  Every day it just seems to get worse for these people.  One nightmare to the next and now, it has become the situation where we all are watching and waiting for the train wreck to occur.


  • 3/11/11 - 5th largest Earth Quake recorded to date 8.9.  Now they had a 7 point something just a week prior.  No one would have predicted that it was a pre-tremor.
  • 850,000 people are going without electricity in near freezing weather.
  • 1.5 million People lack running water at this time.
  • Their Index Market 620 billion dollars has been wiped off the market.
  • 4 nuclear reactors have been leaking or exploded in some way.
  • The nuclear power plants are not pulling the employees out of the plant.
  • People are being ordered to stay inside and seal their homes.
  • Radiation in the air is 10 times higher then normal.
  • There 400 Millisent per hour in the air.  100 Millisent in a year can lead to cancer according to the World Nuclear Association.
  • Long term exposure can lead to thyroid, bone cancer, and leukemia.  Children and fetus are more at risk.
  • The country has had 275 after shock tremors since the 8.9 earthquake; some of them have had reading of 7.0.
  • Japan averages 1,5000 earthquakes per year varying in size.
  • 1000 of dead bodies have been washed onto shore.
After reviewing just some of these facts how anyone can not be sad of the situation Japan is in?  If it were just the major earthquake, I think Japan would have been fine.  It looks like several of their structures would have been fine, maybe not the power plants because they are safe up to 7.0 earth quake.  However the Tsunami did most of the natural disaster.  The waters alone contaminated their agricultural land.  I can not imagine how many bodies they will find once the waters recede that are there.

To have crematories at their max and not being able to keep up with all the bodies, just sickens me.  My heart aches so much for this country.  The nuclear crisis is so sad, all the fields, air, water as well as animal and human.

I plan to check with the Red Cross to see what we can do.  I would love for my boys to assist with this as well.  I do not want them to be upset or stress over it but for them to be aware of what the world event.  We have lived through hardship ourselves when I left their father and lost my job.  We relied on food bank and the elementary school adopted our family for Christmas to help out.  Our hardship is nothing NOTHING at all compared to this nation's hardship.  I want my children to understand and pay it forward when we can.  It's all I can do other then prayers, something so minor that I can do to help with the aches in my heart.


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