Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Still Here

Just a brief little note explaining why I am away right now.  I am sorry for those who have commented and I have not responded back yet, I will, please trust me. 

I will also be on top of my game soon again and catch up with the blogs I follow.  I'm fighting an infection right now. I'm trying to keep up with finishing the kitchen (it is so freakin' close), working, getting my son ready to go to Spain in eek...2 days.  Keeping up with the other two boys at home, assisting the one in college who's car broke down on the interstate. 

And last but not least...work.  I do not dare miss a day right now with what is going on at work.  Today we got word that our Call Center in St Louis closed as of today.  There goes 11 more super people. Most on my team do not know them but I work more with them by building company intranet sheets for our dependent eligibility audits. Tomorrow is my meeting to turn over the project I have been working on, projecting how many calls we will have. I fear our office may have a couple of cut backs after corporate gets my report. 

So please bear with me.  I will be back to my self, just give me a couple of more days.


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  1. You are one busy lady! I hope you feel better soon, too.


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