Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

Wow!  I'm having a good week.  I now have 6 followers and I have been honored with a Stylish Blogger Award.  My dear sweet friend Aimee at  a day in the life of my crazy little world  presented me with this award.  I enjoy Aimee's writing style.  She has such humor in her life and she expresses it ever so clever, from her children, mainly her youngest to her dog.  She adds wonderful photos. Her Little World is a pretty awesome one in my opinion.  I wish everyone would go check her site out.  

 The rules passed on to me say to accept this award you are:

1.Supposed to link back to who nominated you.  If you missed it, please re-read the beginning of my blog.  Seriously you need to check her out
2.List seven things we might not know about you.
3.Share the “love” and pay it forward by naming six other blogs you enjoy.


Well this will be a challenge because I am an open book.  

1.  Unless you are one of my immediate family or my dear friend Rhonda...or even if you did not catch all of my Flashback Friday's... I used to play the piano. I have my piano finally in my home but have not played since 1985.  I think at this time I would have to self teach myself once again.  I used to be decent, not bad and not the greatest but decent. My biggest problem was...I had the biggest case of stage fright.  Unless you were my immediate family I could not play in front of you.  If you were someone special, I would be able to play while you were on the phone listening.  I know... I know what a waste of talent.  I just have never been one to have or desire attention drawn to me at that time.

2.  When I was much much younger, we are talking about prior to 3rd grade one of my favorite sandwiches was a Mayo sandwich.  Yep, that is right, white bread and mayo only.  I see the grimace on your face Aimee.  **wink wink**  I do not know what was about the taste but it was one of my favs.

3.  I had the coolest cousin when I was growing up.  He is still my cousin but we just do not do things much anymore.  Before my parents moved to the South Side of Des Moines I would see my Cousin Brian often.  I have so many memories of him when I was younger.  I even had a crush on him at one time.  We had several different fresh fruit trees/bushes on the property.  One being a wild grape vine.  It was always a battle to pick the grapes before the birds ate them.  (We are talking prior to 3rd grade once again yet after Kindergarten.)  My sister and I would make mud pies and add the grapes to the mud pies.  My Cousin Brian would always eat our mud pies and tell us they were better then actual pies.

4.  Alright back to the first one after telling everyone how much I had stage fright, as I was growing up (in lower to middle elementary) my cousins (mainly Brian and occasionally his sister Angel) Lisa, my sister and I would put on shows for our family.  His father and my father were rather young when they started to have children.  We had many uncles and aunts not much older then we were well maybe 8-16 years older then Brian (who was 2 grades older then I was).  One production we would always perform was 'The Wizard of Oz'.  My cousin Angel was always the flying monkey and my sister Lisa we would make be Toto.  We would have everyone come down stairs of our grandparents' home and perform.

5. I am a huge Paul McCartney fan.  I was such a huge fan that the Summer before 8th grade I practiced and practiced to become left handed.  He is a lefty and I wanted to be as well.  My penmanship was not that bad but my teacher scold me because I had him the year prior. 

6.  On the subject of Paul McCartney, I wanted to learn all the instruments he played as well around the same time frame in my life.  I already knew how to read music due to playing the piano for 5 years at that time.  My sister had played guitar for awhile and quit, so I bought new guitar strings, had it re-strung and started to teach myself how to play the guitar.  That worked for about 2 weeks until she became mad at me and took her guitar back.  I never learned any other instruments after that because of my parent's divorce.  I had to quit piano lessons as well at that time.  I do not hold it against my parents they were not healthy for one another.

7.  I guess secretly I always wanted to be a performer but never the nerve to do it.  I wanted to be a ballerina (most little girls do) but gave that up in Kindergarten when I had to miss Scooby Doo cartoons on Saturday.  I wanted to be an ice skater.  I even owned my own pair back in 3rd grade.  Oh my poor dear mother.  I would wear my ice skates in the house and in my bedroom pretend that I was in an ice skating competition.  I had a door mirror on my closet and I had hard wood floors.  Real hard wood floors.  Beautiful hard wood floors.  Let us just say they were not so beautiful after a couple of times me pretending I was spinning on ice.  In upper elementary- lower junior high I would go to my friend's house and we would pretend we were The Go-Gos singing into curling irons as if they were our microphones.



In no particular order
1.  Aimee @ a day in the life of my crazy little world .  I truly feel you deserve this, so I am mentioning you here again.  I do not expect you to do anything but accept the award I created for this.  You have done your share already.  Due to the fact that I am presenting this to you I am going to present 6 more individuals The Stylish Blogger Award.  Aimee has 3 adorable children and 1 OMG the cutest grandchild ever and another on the way.  Aimee's profession is one of the most important professions, she is a SAHM.  I went to High School with Aimee and through the wonderful world of the Internet we found one another once again.

2.  Marni @ Marnie's Organized Mess. Marni writes from her soul.  She puts it out there and seems to be an open book. She has 3 adorable children and is also SAHM.  Marni adds recipes (if you are looking for make it yourself baby food, she has recipes for that too.), and participates in some weekly events.  She is also doing a 365 day project of taking photos.  Everyone should go check out her blog as well.

3.  Kelli @ Random Thoughts of a SUPERMOM.  I believe she is also a SAHM and this woman is very creative. She has put the juice in my creativeness once again.  She has 3 adorable sons.  I love going to her blog because you never know what new craft or creative thing she will post next.

4.  Diana @ Forgetfulone.  She has one of the other most important jobs, she is a teacher.  I know she has twins but I am not sure if they are her only children or if she has one other.  She has a Super sense of humor and she too participates in many weekly events from other blogs.  My favorite from her is her Friday Confessionals. 

5. Suzanne @  Everything but the Kitchen Sink. Rhonda is a dear friend of mine as well.  I have been friends with her nearly my entire life, since Kindergarten.  She has my sense of humor...dry, dirty, and sometimes just off the wall.  She is probably the smartest person I have ever met.  She definitely should have skipped a few grades.  Her writings demonstrates this as well.  Some are very thought provoking.  She writes about her feelings and makes you think as well.  She too is a teacher and has an adorable son.

6.  Deb @ Our New House.  Deb's page is private but I felt she deserved this award.  She is blogging about their new home that is being built on their farm. This will always be a keep sake for her children.  How clever is that.  I hope she continues to blog once the house is complete.  I enjoy seeing her pictures and reading her about her excitement.  Deb too is a SAHM with 2 sons, that have the biggest smiles I have ever seen.

7.  My last award will go to Dan @ Single Dad Laughing.  His blog is, oh what I would call a professional blogger.  A famous blogger because he has been on talk shows about his blog.  I love how he will write about subjects that can be very touchy subjects.  You can see his love for his son Noah, by the way is a very cool name. **wink wink**  He has many followers and I feel intimidated to comment on his page because how large it is.  I enjoy his style of writing and my favorite is when he and his friends went out on Christmas or Christmas Eve to the streets where the homeless people are.  He asked if they would dance with him as well as his friends.  They did! Not only did they dance but they allowed him to record it!  I think that is very special because in my opinion I am sure these individuals felt like they are thought of, they also taught him some things as well.  My little award to him is probably not that big of a deal as mine was.  Not that I think he is shallow but I am just a small little thing in his big ocean, but I feel he does deserve to be mentioned.

I have several others I enjoy like Making Lemonade and some new ones I am beginning to follow.  I love the Internet, the community it creates. I enjoy blogging as well.  I am fairly new to the true blogging community and hope my followers stick with me and it continues to grow.  I just wish I knew all the tricks and trades, mainly wish I knew how some of you respond to my comments via email. I feel very honored that Aimee nominated me.  Thank you!  You are one of my Woo Hoos this week.

Enjoy your awards Moms and Dad.  You all deserve it!



  1. Awww... Thank You, Jolene! I want to check out those other bloggers now too!

    Single Dad Laughing is also one of my favorites. I have a secret crush on him. Well, I would, if I was single. HA!

    I always secretly wanted to be a model. I did a post on that one time too. I'd have to dig it up if you wanted to see it. : ) I have been always been plus size so it wouldn't be as "easy" to come by as others had I tried.

    I couldn't eat a mayo sandwich. Ahem. BUT, I could (and still do sometimes!!) eat mustard sandwiches. Whatever. They're good! : )

    Thanks again for the award. It means a lot, Jolene! <3

  2. Thanks so much Jolene! You are too sweet! I'm glad my blog has encouraged you to be creative:)

  3. Oh, thank you! I just love this, and I will follow through, but it's almost midnight and I've got to get some sleep so I can (maybe) teach something tomorrow! I couldn't find your follow button before, but I'm following and have you on my google reader. Thanks so much for this super award!

    I love Paul McCartney, too! Another thing we have in common.

    My twins are my only biological children, but I also have three step-children, but only one of them is living with us. The other girl is living with her bf, and the guy is married with twin boys of his own. Complicated! I should post about all that again some time soon.



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