Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tackle It Tuesday

My Tackling Project of course the same as the past few weeks...More Kitchen!  However an end is very much in sight.   Everything Only thing left will be the counter tops and white hinges.  We are experimenting on painting them instead of buy new ones.  At $3.86 for each doors x 23 doors, I can wait for paint to dry and test.

Here is a little sneak peek, a few pictures of what we accomplished this week in the kitchen regarding the trim.
 Before Trim
After trim has been added above the cupboards)

 We also added a decal above the window.  
Please excuse the poor picture.  A better quality will be taken later and posted next week.
We cut the trim and added it to the cupboards and splash guard.  The molding has been cut but not placed up as of yet.  The floor is finished in the pantry, so things went back in on the floor.  I finished painting one of the pantry doors (it's cold and snowing here again so I can't paint in the garage and have to wait for when Kera will be out for most of the day since she complains shares her concerns about the paint bothers her being pregnant and all.

I also tackled something that was much deserved.  A night away from it all.  Click here to read about it.

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  1. Great tackle! Visiting from 5MfM. Thanks for sharing! Happy Tuesday! :)

  2. You did a wonderful job! visiting of 5mins for mom. MommyLESsons Too!

  3. oops! sorry my mistake..there was an error on the link I provided..here is the link for my 5mfm entry MommyLESsons Too!


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