Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tackle it Tuesday

I feel so far behind with my Spring Cleaning the house.  The kitchen has set me back with my goals and plans for this year's to do list.  I know it's only in the 3rd month but mentally all of my closets should be cleaned and organized and my kitchen is still not done.  My husband had to work overtime both days this weekend so no work in the kitchen.  He has Tuesday and Wednesday off so I am in hopes he will be fired for us to set the nails and finish the trim around the door and under the counter.  After this all we need to do is put a little wood putty on the nails and then touch up the paint.  Then the fun part, hang the decorations.  I also have to sew my curtain for the door but that should not take any time at all.

What I did tackle was... CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS in the main living room is not up any more.  Woo Hoo!  I definitely took advantage of not working in the kitchen and took care of my living room.  I also did Spring Cleaning in my bedroom and our tiny bathroom. 

Another Tackle Project was our indoor garden, the beginning of the Summer Passion of ours.  We added lights to our new indoor green house and it is showing that it is paying off in just 1 day.  I also caught up with my our garden log ~ blog.  It turned out to be a great idea because we have referred to it several times so far this season.  Click here for the garden blog (Our Slice of Heaven)  to see more pictures of how our seedlings are doing.


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  1. Your garden is looking GREAT!!!~

  2. I love your greenhouse! I would love to grow stuff but I don't have a green thumb. *sad*

  3. I'm behind on cleaning, too. When am I supposed to do it? I guess I'm not supposed to play on facebook! LOL I'm one of the few women at work who doesn't have a housekeeper. Wish I could. Love your indoor garden.

  4. Zelma, thank you. Start with something small. You might surprise yourself. We did not have green thumbs either until we did a lot of research online.

    Dianne, oh a housekeeper would be wonderful at times. LOL


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