Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wednesday Woo Hoos

Here we are Wednesday again. Last week I did not post any Woo Hoos, well actually I did not post anything last week. I had to think about this if I wanted to post a Woo Hoo directly following my blog about Japan, but as a dear friend had told me just because we have bad things going in our life should not overshadow the good things. You know it is these moments we should embrace the good things even more. So with that said... **insert drum roll**

Woo Hoo David found a job! This is exactly what they need in order to prepare for the baby and for a true start with their life with one another.

Woo Hoo Joshua is having a good time in Spain. I think he is out of money though. I can not believe he went through $250 in just the first 2 days while he was there. That worries me a little since he is going to be there a total of 10 days. He will be in flight for 2 of the 14 days away. I know he is enjoying the sight seeing. I loved reading his email to me. He is living with a family for 5 days and is getting to experience the true life style.

Woo Hoo it is Spring Break for the boys. It is not for me, this year I did not take any time off during Spring Break since I need the vacation time for Joshua’s graduation this year. Woo Hoo I am not competing for hot water. I can take a longer shower. Woo Hoo I get to sleep an additional 45 minutes as well, too bad I am having difficulties falling asleep right now.

Woo Hoo a job was posted available for me to apply for. Oh, Lord please grant this to be your wish this time. More cut backs are coming in my department and I would feel so relieved being in this other department since they are the only department safe within my company. The relief may enable me to get more sleep as well.

Woo Hoo I have NINE followers now. I have gained 4 in just 2 weeks. Woo Hoo, I’m just a little fish but I will keep swimming. Just keep swimming. Woo Hoo!

Woo Hoo for the weather changing. I found some tulip buds last night but it was too dark to take a decent picture. I want to get out there to post for my Wordless Wednesday. I love the rebirth of nature, I do not like what it is doing to my joints right now though, but I will take a little pain for the beauty and renewing.

Woo Hoo we are going to be gardening more earth this summer. We are going to definitely be participating in a community garden as well as our gardens in the back yard. Oh I am so excited about growing more. I know it will be more work and a lot of work for canning and freezing time. However it will also be more rewarding as well.

Woo Hoo for sushi. I do not know why but I can not eat enough of this lately. I never liked it much until the last 2 years but the last 2 months that is all that I am hungry for. I know bad with sodium well at least the soy sauce I know is bad for me.

Woo Hoo for you taking the time to read my blog. Thank you! What do you have to Woo Hoo about?



  1. Woo Hoo my cabinets are in the bathrooms and the laundry room. The kitchen is about 1/2 done!

    Woo Hoo my oldest is snuggled next to me on the sofa, he wanted to be close to Mom!

    Woo Hoo Milt is over being sick and I can quit being a nurse.

  2. Woo hoo! Yet another thing in common. My son's name is David. (My husband's name is also David, but he's not my son's dad. I think that's one thing we don't have in common is divorce.) Congrats to David on finding a job.


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