Wednesday, April 6, 2011

1st Quarter Check Up

 RE-POST from December

Quarterly check up


2011 To Do List

The New Year is approaching. I am not one for New Year's Resolutions, well not any more. When I was younger I would have the most common ones, to work out more, to lose weight, and to stop biting my nails. I typically do not make it past 2 weeks. For the most part I do not bite my nails unless I am very bored or stressed. I never follow through with resolutions.

No New Year's Resolutions for me. No way, no how. I do believe in "To Do List". I feel like I accomplish more with a "To Do List". I also get some sort of satisfaction when I look at the list and I can take my blue medium point ink pen and cross it off the list. It is such a conquering feeling of power. So let's take a look at my list. I plan to come back to this blog every now and then and actually cross it off on this post as well. I guess putting it out here will make me more accountable as well and give me even more of satisfaction to share with the entire blog world my achievements.

To Do List ~ 2011 Style

  1. To become healthier. Let's face it if I do not I know I am shortening my life. I have children who need me, I have soon to be grandchildren I want to see, I just want to enjoy life plain and simple. I know I am not invincible, we all will die some day, but I need to take care of myself. I plan to watch my sodium intake once again. Try to move more as long as the knee continues to let me. The weight I will lose will also help my knee, my high blood pressure, and possibly rid the borderline diabetes. I'm not going to say "I'm going to lose XX amount of weight by XX date. It does not work that way for me. Plain and simple, I need to become healthier.  Well to date I have only lost 5 lbs.  This is not off to a good start.  Pressure is still high.  Hmmm...I will have to work hard on this the second half of the year because I will not have time to work out as needed the next couple of months.
  2. Organization. I am going to check this off once I have all of my closets organized, kitchen cupboards organized, and the shed. I see Craig List in my future for some things in the shed, if not then they will be donated. This house is packed to the gills now with so many boom-a-rangs flying back at us.  Well I am not any further then the end of January.  The kitchen make-over made me fall behind here.
  3. To take my finances by the horn. I am going to get all the medical bills paid off and the one last credit card that haunts me previous to moving to Iowa City. I want this in the worse way. I want to join checking accounts with my husband.  Hmmm...another stand still so far.  Second part of the year will be better for me after graduation is finally over.
  4. Joining Accounts leads me to the next thing on my list. Combine our car insurance. It's silly we both have our own coverage right now. I think it only makes sense to have one car insurance carrier.  Yep!   Another Goose Egg but my goal for this was September back then, so I am not worried about it yet.
  5. To actively find another job. I am praying the economy is good enough for me to cross this one of my list. I just want to have a "college level paying job". I have never had this strong of an urge until my 25th high school reunion. I feel as a career person I have failed. Do not take me wrong, I am a hard worker and succeed in that way, I just think I have failed with having a degree and working entry level positions. I want to have a savings. I want to be able to afford summer clothing or school clothes and not be paying for it 2 months later with my budget.  Well that ain't happin' now after being on a verbal.  We will see what the next 6 months bring.
  6. Paint the inside of the house. Oh, this has been on my list for 2 years and the only thing I have not crossed off. This year will be my year.  Kitchen and Foyer/Hallway are done.
  7. Continue with our dance lessons. What more can I say. I love it. I love spending the time with Todd. I love getting out and doing something enjoyable. I love working out and having fun as I am working out.  Completed the series.  We are looking into signing up for something else.
Well that is it! I know it is not a long list, nor anything exciting for others but it will make me happy once I cross off all 6 items. Do you have any New Year's Resolutions or To Do List?

Oh and if you are reading and enjoy what you see here. Please feel free to follow me. I am thrilled I have someone reading my blogs from Russia Weekly. I think it is totally neat.

After doing my quarterly review, I do not think I did well the first quarter.  Time to pick up some pace to get caught up some by the next quarter check up.


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