Saturday, April 2, 2011

2011 Ultimate Blog Party

Hi everyone!  My name is Jolene and I am fairly new with the blogging community.  I love meeting people and I am anxious to gain more blogging friends.   It's sad I have more friends through the Internet then I do where I live now.  I moved 6 years ago and I find it is hard to make friends here.  I was very lonely until I started making friends or keeping in touch with friends through the Internet.  If you want to get to know more about me please go to the top or click here to read more about me. I'm still trying to figure out how to comment to people via email. 

I have a wonderful husband that was truly a gift from God.  He is my second husband and boy I did it right this time!  I have 4 boys from my first marriage, who I adore and two step-daughters.  The oldest step-daughter and I are close now and she is going to be having our first grandchild due July 4th.  If you want to know more about them please read about my family at the top.

I enjoy gardening and my husband and I take Ballroom/Social Dancing classes.  I love doing crafts/art but lost that part of me for years.  I am starting to make time to do this again and plan to blog about them as well.  Here is a blog that I made about the plates I decorated for my kitchen.  Inspired Wall Display

I blog about what is going on in my life.  Life can be stressful at times and with the different phases our children are in some give us a little more day to day challenges then others.  One of my favorite blogs I wrote about a challenging time was  I Feel Like A Dog Chasing My Tail.

My blog contains some recipes, poems, and average photos I have taken.  I started blogging here for something my boys could refer to when needed this is why I am adding the photos.  This may have been my initial reason but I now blog for the community as well.  I love reading/following people.  I participate with a few Meme: Tackle It Tuesday, Wordless Wednesday, Confessional Friday.  As well as do my own for Wednesday Woo Hoos and an occasional Monday Moan  (I think I will add some linky to them in case anyone else wants to join in)  My favorite Monday Moan was my first one.  It was during this time frame that I wanted to start blogging for my boys.

Right now life is very stressful for me, I try to find humor in life to get me through it, occasionally I will vent, sorry I just need to put it out there from time to time.

I look forward to the Blog Party and getting to know more of you as well as hope more of you will want to follow me as well.  I'm going to try my best to follow along with Twitter, but I just don't understand it.  I found the party but not sure how to interact on it with everyone.  My user name is 'sincekinder' I would enjoy winning some of the prices. I am very interested in the birdhouse one.

Here is to all of us Partying in 2011!  Woo Hoo!!! 



  1. It's so nice to meet you! I'm really glad you stopped by from the UBP!!!

    I love that you have a Monday Moan and a Wednesday Woohoo post! So funny! Looking forward to following along with you now!

  2. I'm visiting from the UBP11, I love your decorative plates! They came out beautiful! I'm not great at Twitter either. I can post, and figured out how to reply, but I'm a little lost when it comes to more interaction than that.

    It's nice to "meet" you, I'm following now and look forward to reading more.


  3. Following you from the UBP. Wow. you look very busy with all of those kiddos. I hope you find time for what you love. I hope you can stop by soon.
    God Bless,

  4. following you from the ubp! I look forward to getting to know you more! My ODS birthday is July 4th!

  5. Nice to meet you!! Following you from the UBP11 you have a beautiful family!! I am a SAHM of three and married to my best friend!! Drop by my blog if you get a chance:-)~~Shari

  6. Hi Jolene! I'm a new follower from the Ultimate Blog Party.

    I hope you'll stop by and follow me back :) Looking forward to reading more of your blog.

  7. Hi! I'm Rachel! I found your blog through UBP- adorable! I can't wait to explore more (during the game commercial, of course... I'm currently watching the UK/UCONN game, go CATS!)

    Hope you'll visit me at, and I also hope to see you at the twitter party, I'm @upperbottom (just look for the white dog art- that's me!)

    Cheers and happy Saturday!

  8. Very nice to meet you Jolene! I am in a similar situation with being lonely and having more friends online. Thank you for stopping by my blog today :)

  9. So glad you joined the party! And mostly glad that we're getting to know each other better. I love to make new Internet friends.

  10. Happy UBP! I think you're getting around just fine. This is my 3rd year (I think). It's always interesting. I have more friends living inside my computer, too. I love it. :)

  11. It's so much easier to make friends on the internet.

    Here's how you can reply to people from your email- go to your dashboard- go to settings, then comments, down at the bottom, where it says "comment notification email" enter the email you want to reply from, and click save settings.

    Then, you will get an email every time someone comments and you can reply straight from there- unless their email comes up no-reply...but you will be able to reply to most this way!

  12. Hi Jolene. Thanks for stopping by my blog for the party. Glad it made you laugh out loud!
    Your family is beautiful!
    6 kids - wow! And a grandbaby on the way - how exciting!
    Party on!

  13. I am so following you! Love it! Love your blog - LOVE your personality as it shines through.
    So many things we share in common.

    WoooHooo for #UBP11 and finding place and people like you!

    Thanks for stopping by my place at Live Laugh Love and Bloggings. I sooo appreciate it.

  14. Hi there! You sure are one busy mama. You are right, your four boys are much older than mine, but that doesn't make it any easier I am sure :). I look forward to reading more from you, especially recipes. I am always looking for something new to try out! Enjoy the rest of the UBP.


  15. Hi Jolene! Newest follower from the UPB. Look forward to reading more of your blog. Hope you can stop by, visit and follow my blog sometime. Congrats on the new grandbaby coming soon! Have a great week!

  16. Hi.
    Stopping by from the UBP to say hello. Have a great day!

  17. Hi Jolene! It's nice to "meet" you! Thanks so much for stopping by me blog. :) I'm a new follower! Looking forward to reading more of your posts!

  18. Stopping by from the UBP11 - I LOVE your background and header! this is one of the prettiest sites I have stopped at. :-)

  19. Hello! I am stopping by from the Ultimate Blog Hop! I am your newest follower! I cannot wait to read more. I hope you will stop by and follow me back :)

  20. Hi and thanks for visiting during the UBP11! :)

  21. Hi! I’m belatedly stopping by from the UBP. Nice to meet you!
    I have two blogs, and I’d love for you to stop by when you get a minute. We’re giving away a $100 Visa gift card until the 19th at Giveaway Corner. Thanks! (A free giveaway every weekday) (Family blog)


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