Saturday, April 23, 2011

Friday Confessional

It's that time of week for Friday Confessional. Please join Mamarazzi and Glamazon for confession!

I confess...

Wednesday I was suppose to work 10-7.  I had to get up my regular time because I take two of my boys to school.  When I came home from dropping them off, I decided to fold my whites.   While I was folding my whites, I noticed that every single underwear that I own has holes in them, except for one and they are my white granny panties that are for those special occasion once a month.

I confess...

I thought to myself after the realization that I must get new underwear this weekend because I thought of what my Mother always said to us girls..."Make sure you wear your good underwear without holes.  You never know if you have to go to the emergency." 

I confess...

3 hours later when I was heading towards the emergency room, I wished I had the granny panties on.  How embarrassing it was when the nurse had to put all those electrodes on me for the EKG and I had two huge holes in my underwear by the waist band. 

I confess...

Naturally I tried to make it funny and mumbled something like, "Man, I should have listened to my mother and wore the underwear with no holes."  Immediately both nurses laughed.

I confess...

Even at the age of 44 you should listen to your mother still.   So bloggy friends, make sure you wear your underwear without holes in them. 



  1. This is a funny story, but wait.

    Emergency room? EKG?

    What happened? You're apparently okay since you're able to write about this, but ... what's up? I'm worried now.

    It's so hard to part with comfortable underwear, even when they have holes in them!

  2. wait.

    are you OK?

    loved the story, but i was worried at the same time, what a bizarre mix of emotions!

  3. Hahahaha!! I love this! I should play along sometime!!

    I finished the book Men/Mars and Women/Venus. Okay, well, minus a few pages, but I am sure I will get it done pretty quickly. I have a review coming on it this week and I will be linking you. Thank you so much for the recommendation. It's one of the best reads I've enjoyed yet!


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