Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tackle it Tuesday

What a busy week, yet I feel like I did not do enough. I am definitely feeling the pressure of Joshua’s Graduation. I will be out of town this weekend and one weekend in May, thus leaving me only 3 full weekends to tackle everything. We just picked up a new computer so tonight I will look to see if my husband WAS able to move all of my photos to the external hard drive. My fingers are cross that everything went well and I did not lose them. Next week’s Tackle project will to complete Joshua’s Open House Graduation and order them, to finish painting the main living room’s walls, and to clean all the vents as well as work on scanning more photos.

As I stated I feel like I did not get enough done now that I am actually posting what I tackled. I did tackle the post on our stairway and the railing. I can not believe how nice they look. I typically dust them but I used these Pledge wipes for the first time and will for now on. I ended up using 6 wipes and they look so nice now. We tackled painting the largest wall space in our main living room. Two coats of paint went on that wall. Moving the Entertainment Center was a HUGE tackle. I had to recruit my oldest son to assist. According to my husband it is as heavy as the piano. I think I will take his word. Other then my day to day Mother jobs, these are the only extras that I tackled this week.

I guess the biggest tackling job I did last week was manage to make it through last week.

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