Saturday, May 7, 2011

Double Tier Dessert Stand

I came across this a couple of times on the blogsphere and told myself that I must make one for myself.  I thought what a great idea for graduation and at Christmas time.  I noticed that some painted the plates but then had to put doilies down because the paint was toxic. (Well then why use that paint?)  I noticed one painted but then sprayed a sealant.  (That would work) However I thought, if I could buy glass plates then I could just paint the underside and I would not have to worry about the paint at all.  

Off to the Dollar Tree to pick up a couple of plates and a candlestick.  I thought I would settle if I could find red plates.  The boys' high school colors are red and white.  Then I saw perfect.

They sat on my dresser for awhile until this past weekend.  I took the candle stick and used the white gloss paint I already had.  My first coat was a light coat to create a good base, then I painted a second coat.

After the white had dried I used some left over red gloss paint and created the design pattern off the plate onto the candlestick.
Once dried, I then glued the base of the candle stick to the back side of the top plate as center as I could.  I used industrial strength super glue.  Epoxy Glue or Gorilla Glue would work as well.

I then repeated this process in the center of the bottom plate.  Wa-La!!!  Instant desert stand.  I think it would be great for cup cakes as well.   First showing will be red and white mints at Joshua's graduation party.

My final cost was only $3.00.  I had the paints and glue already.  I think it is very pretty and looks like I spent more then $3.00.


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  1. :) Absolutely fabulous! Congratulations on using your crafting skills wisely and so beautifully. Hope all goes well with the graduation.


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