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**SIGH**  What a day the past two days were.  All types of emotions from stressed, anxiety, hatred, admiration, proud, sadness.
I will get the hatred out quickly because this post is not about that.  I will just make this very short.  I have decided the next two son's graduation parties will be without their father's side of the family.  They can have two separate parties from now on.  It is so not worth it.  My Mother, sister, husband, and friends were never more appalled by watching his actions near the end, even our oldest.  Enough on that.

Friday was so hectic.  I woke up early to finish up the house.  There was not a lot just a little of something in every room.  I was so achy from all the carpet shampooing the day prior.  I did get help with two bathrooms.  My Mother, Father (his first time inside my house), my sister Amy (her first time inside my house as well) and my nephew Carlos showed up around 5 pm.  My sister Katie was unable to come.  It is hard for her to go long distance with Miranda.  The ride is too long for her.  My sister Lisa and her kids, I have no idea.  I know my nephew's wife Hailey really wanted to go but she did not have a car that would make it.  Those who showed up Friday stayed the night at my house since the graduation was at 7 pm that night and the party was at 1 the next afternoon.  

 Big Brother Matthew and Joshua
 All 4 of my boys. 
Notice the 14 year old has grown taller then his 21 year old and 18 year old brothers.
 My Mom and Dad with Joshua
 Joshua glaring at my sister Amy to get over by him to have a picture taken with him.
 Joshua and his shoes for graduation.
We teased him and told him his feet looked like one of the disciples.
 My family minus the girls
 Profile of my graduate.
 His class.  We are at Carver Hall
 Joshua crossing the stage to receive his diploma.
 The choir he is sings with, singing The Alma Mater
 Big brother Matthew singing The Alma Mater song too.
 Just after the ceremony.
Joshua with one of his friends.

I was a little emotional seeing him down on the floor in his cap and gown.  I remembered back to his first day of school.  How bright eyed he was.  It has been a rough year with this kid but I am very proud of him.

We went to eat after graduation  It was a late dinner but it was such a good time.  Home again around 11 pm and the graduate was off to his first party.  I went to Walgreen's to pick up my photos to make his 2 boards.  I had ordered them Wednesday night.  Like everything else for this kid, they could not find my order.  I was so upset, I drove home and called them with the confirmation number from my email.  They still could not find it so I had to re-order and they told me they would get it done before an hour, however I told them that I would be there early in the morning.  

Up again at 6:30, started the pasta salad and making the Snicker Bar Salad. My Mother woke up early to assist me.  I was shocked when I found out that my ex only brought 1 pound of potato salad to feed 40 people and only half a stock of celery as well and only 24 bottles of water.  He only brought half the amount of chips, so add more to my growing list to pick up before the party.  Thank goodness he did come through with the meat and cheese platter.  After everything was cut and prepared that I had, I waited on the Cole Slaw salad.  I wanted to make this the very last minute.  Off to the store I went.  First stop Walgreen's and YES my pictures were waiting.  Then off to Hy-Vee to pick up some of the things on my list and pick up the cake.  What?  They could not find my cake.  Seriously!  They looked for close to 15 minutes.  The baker stated she knows she made it because the name was so familiar, I explained probably because he worked there and then she mentioned he was not on the list of graduates.  In about 10 minutes she found his ordered and laughed saying it was her next cake to decorate that is why it was so familiar, she told me she would put his name on the list of graduates.  I asked what did that mean?  < Insert HUGE SMILE here>  His cake (full sheet) was going to be free as a gift to their Seniors.  Wow!  I did not expect that, so my moment of stress turned out for the best with the aspect of the cake. 

Home again I went and my mom and husband wanted to know what took so long, explained the story.  We cut the rest of the veggies I picked up.  I created my boards.

I then scanned the last of the photos (13) and added a few from graduation to his slide show.  Plenty of time, 1 hour before we had the shelter.  I saved my video and then copied it to the disk.  While it was saving off to Fareway to pick up the pulled pork and things that were lacking by the ex.
 Here is my tier dessert plate I made.

 Joshua wore a Pokemon hat that was Matthew's when he was in 3rd grade.

 My sister looking at his boards.

 My Father and Jim chatting with one another.
 Joshua with my sister-in-law, mother, and husband.

.  They came and they played.
  They swung on swings.

They played on the merry go round.

They played frisbee.

They played badminton.

They hung out and laughed.

It was great. I loved watching Joshua just glow in his spot light. He had nearly 50 kids at his party.  I had 3 co-workers show up.  This touched me, I love these women.

We had a good friend, Todd's old co-worker show up as well.  She was Todd's friend first but I became friends with her and she is close to Joshua because of our sand volleyball team. 

It was a great party!  I was so exhausted afterward.  Too tired to argue that he could not use my car, I let him take it to other parties.  I was scared the entire time, in fear that he would come home with my car damaged more but he came home with the same damage as the first time I allowed him to use it.  

Joshua, I am so proud of your accomplishments.  As long as you do not procrastinate any more, I know you will go far kid.  Love you!

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I Tackled It...preparations, all the stress, all worth it!

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  1. Wow! Great job! And GREAT pics, Jolene! My baby graduates Kindergarten tonight. Sniff sniff. I can't believe how fast it is going...


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