Saturday, May 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Joshua

It was Matthew's 3rd Birthday, May 10, 1993.  I was very pregnant with my second child, he was due in 13 days.  We had everyone over at our apartment.  I was feeling some braxtin hicks big time and just wanted some alone time at that moment to deal with the contractions.  I went to my room and just sat on the bed.
  I was there for maybe 20 minutes when my Mother-In-Law at the time came in and just calmly sat down next to me.  This was a rare moment because she did not care for me, or she did not show she cared for me.  She put her arm around me and asked me if I was okay.  I told her I was having some strong contractions but nothing regular.  I also told her that I really did not want the baby to come on Matthew's birthday.  I know how it feels to share a birthday with a sibling.  She laughed and said he will come when he is ready and asked if I needed anything.  I just asked her to give me a few more minutes and I will be out again and she did.  She decided to stay in town for a few more days because she thought I was going to have the baby soon.  I had this fear during the entire pregnancy and shared it with my Mother.  I adored Matthew.  I loved his so much, I could not imagine ever loving another as much as I love and adored him.  I did not want a favorite child I told her.  She told me not to worry about it, I will love him just as much.  I thought to myself there is just no way I can.

Two days later I went to my doctor appointment and he told me any day now.  Why do they do that?  Doctors I mean!  A woman is very pregnant and they say "Any day now".  Well duh!  Of course it is going to be any day now.  Tell me something we can really use like, "Oh I think you will be going within the next two days" or "I will see you at the hospital tonight" or something in that nature, but any day now? Please!   He told me to be ready, I was dilated to 3 and the team of doctors are expecting me to go fast with this one.  They say each one is half the time of the labor before, if that is the case then this one should be 2 and half hours since Matthew was 5 hours.   I went to bed that night feeling as usual... UNCOMFORTABLE.  I really wanted a bed frame in the worse way.  I had worked a lot of overtime but Mike always said we could not afford one.  Mattress and box spring on the floor was very hard to get out of.  In the early morning hours I felt this wetness waking me up.  Was that my water bag?  I decided to shower because I heard that if you shower and it is false labor the contractions would stop.  I was definitely having contractions.   As I was showering my husband asked me what I was doing.  I explained to him what I had heard and I thought my water bag broke.  He laughed and said it had because the bed was soaked.  We then called my Sister-In-Law to meet us at the hospital and take Matthew.  His Mom was thrilled she was still in town.  We called my Mom because I wanted her in with me again.  

I was hooked up to a fetal monitor to see how the baby was doing with the contractions.  Oh, the labor this time was nothing compared to the first.  I was having back labor with this one.  The pain was in my back and my front.  Mike was wonderful this time.  I do not think I could have made it through without him.  He was rubbing my lower back and breathing near my ear.  I needed to hear his breathing pattern to help me through the contractions.  I asked for some drugs to help but they gave me very little.  The never took the monitor off.  A nurse kept coming in every 20 minutes after being there an hour asking if I was ready to push.  She looked nervous.  The heart beat of the baby was low.  He was not handling the stress of labor very well at all.  I finally told her I was ready to push, she said good because if you were not we were going to do an emergency c-section.  This scared me.  I thought I have to get this guy out and quick.  It took more then 3 pushes for Joshua.  I thought it was weird this time.  I had 3 nurses in my room and another doctor I had no idea who he was.  My doctor never introduced him or explained why he was there.

A few hours later I found out from my Mother, that they brought Joshua back to us.  The doctor I did not know was the Neo Natal specialist and she knew there was some serious problem possibly when she saw another nurse sitting at the door in the hall.  My Mom asked her why she was sitting there and she said she was there in case they needed her.  They knew Joshua was endanger.  The Neo Natal doctor worked on Joshua, he kept sucking mucus out of his airway and providing him oxygen.  She told me he did this and would flick his little foot to see if he would respond.  The nurse would massage his little chest while he flicked.  Finally after the 5th time Joshua responded.  It was not clear what exactly went wrong, it was a fast delivery and he had the chord around his neck 3 times.  I am grateful to the staff that was on duty that day as well as my doctor for knowing I need the others this time.  I was also happy he had his own birthday.  

Today he is 18 and will be graduating from High School in 2 weeks.  Happy Birthday Joshua!


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  1. What a beautiful story! Isn't it amazing the details we can remember from the births of our children, and then the little things we forget!


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