Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Matthew

21 years and 3 days ago was the beginning and I never knew it.  I thought I felt something leak that day but with it being my first pregnancy I had no idea.  I had an appointment with one of the doctors the next day, so I thought that I would bring it up to him.  The next day, I thought I felt that leak again about 5 hours before my appointment.  As I waited for 2 hours in the lobby, my doctor was majorly behind, I tried to remember everything I was going to ask him.  It was my turn finally, the doctor rushed.  He seemed like he was just trying to push me out the door that day.  I told him I thought I was leaking and I remember to this day saying, "All pregnant women want to go early, but you have 19 more days until your due date.  The baby is probably kicking or pushing on your bladder and making you dribble."  and that was that.  He never checked, he never tested.  I thought to myself how embarrassing, I can't even hold my pee now.

The next day I did not feel like being around children, so I took the phone off the hook to avoid having to say no to an assignment.  I crawled back into bed and about 10ish I felt that leak again. I thought "Oh No!  Why can't I hold my pee?"  and I waddled as fast as I could to the toilet.  Then it happened, right there in front of the toilet before I could even sit down, this gush of fluid came out.  I started to cry.  Why can't I hold my pee?  After a few seconds it hit me, it did not smell like urine, it was not yellow.  I bent over to touch it and smell, definitely not urine, it hit me then, my water bag broke.  I called the doctor's office and told her I thought my bag was leaking and Dr. Maxon never checked, now I think it broke but I am doubting myself.  She asked me to come in as soon as possible.  I was alone at home in Indianola, close to 30 minutes away from the hospital.  Mike my husband was at school and was out of the range of the beeper.  I tried and tried to get a hold of him.  After waiting for close to 2 hours I called my Mom.  She came down and took me to the doctor.  I was feeling good still, just a little cramping not much.  I went into the room.  I explained to him about how I thought I was leaking two days prior and then told him what Dr. Maxon said.  Dr. Mintzer asked me if he checked or tested, I answered no.  He then threw something across the room and said I need to be admitted immediately and start to be induced, I had a huge tear in my bag and he was fighting against time now trying to beat an infections since the tear and leaking has been over 24 hours.  He told me I was dilated to 3.  I was thrilled, the time is now AND I was a 3 and feeling fine.  I remember my Mom telling me my sister Lisa with both of her babies was crying and asking for drugs when she was a 3. I thought this is not going to be so bad.

I told my Mom and off to the hospital I went.  It was 12:30 pm and I was being induced.  They told me this would not rush me but get me started with my normal labor pattern.  3:00 pm, in rushes Mike.  The cramps were getting a little more intense but I was handling it.  An hour passed and now I wanted drugs, I received a little help but nothing strong because I was progressing along they said.  I was hooked up to a monitor due to the inducing.  I was relaxed, so relaxed I could have slept if it were not for the contractions.  Oh, I felt them, but I was relaxed enough I could deal with them.  I remember Mike saying to my Mom, "Chris look!  Watch this, see the peak on here she is having a major contraction right now, now wait for the next one, look at her eyes." then a few seconds later, "See watch her eyes, see how big they are opened.  Isn't that funny?" and he laughed and laughed.  I remember wanting to screaming at him, "Well if you think you can do better then you get down here!"  Only I did not yell it, I did not even speak it, I was too relaxed to even talk.  Close to 5 pm I felt like I was ready to push, I told my nurse she checked and asked me to wait for a doctor.  I was then placed on my side as she frantically called the doctor, she was told that the doctor on call was doing an emergency c-section at the other hospital and so was the other doctor, that left one doctor who was seeing patients.  He suggested they call the head resident in fear of not making it on time.  No luck the head resident was delivering a baby as well, so the doctor told them not to worry he would be there before I gave birth to the baby, there was no way I was going to go that fast since this was my first.  I remember one of the nurses pushing lightly on my leg that was on top of the one I was laying on.  She was trying to keep my legs together to hold the baby inside.  I remember the pain was intense, so intense I was biting the bed railing.  Once I realized what I was doing I told the nurse how sorry I was.  She just smiled and told me not to worry about it, she thought I was doing great.  In rushed the doctor, I was then rolled onto my back and only 3 pushes later there was Matthew.  My precious baby.

They handed me this beautiful baby.  I was overwhelmed with so much love.  A type of love I never felt for anyone before.  He was perfect.  He laid there just looking at me.  Reaching out to me. I held his little hand, and he curled his tiny fingers around my finger.  I was in so much love with this child.  I remember crying with such joy.

I loved when Mike left to go to work the next day.  It was special time for me with my baby.  He was such a gift from God.  I felt so blessed.  Now my baby is 21 years old today.  It is so hard to believe it was 21 years ago.  I love you Matthew.  Happy Birthday!


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  1. What beautiful memories! 21 years! Sorry I haven't been around much lately. Too much going on here. Poor excuse, I know, but it's the only one I have!


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