Monday, May 9, 2011

Miscellany Monday

I was at Ethan's track event and saw the oddest new trend of how to where sweat pants.  I thought it is strange how young men and some older men wear their pants nearly to the ground but this just as awful.  A couple of girls were walking towards the bleachers.  It looked like they were wearing sweat pants.  No big deal.  They had them pulled up to their waist, however when they passed by...what a terrible fashion shock.  The girls had their sweats pulled under their butt cheeks, where their jeans under the sweats showed.  I was shocked as to why these beautiful girls would wear such an ugly trend that I forgot to take a snap shot of the horrible fashion.  Hmm...maybe I am just getting too old.  LOL

Moving...boy do I hate moving!  The older I am getting the more I hate it too.  I hate moving myself as well as children.  This past weekend the girls moved most of their things out.  This freed up two bedrooms, but one we are going to use more of as storage and the room to put the kitty liter since the carpet is ruined by them already.  The bedroom upstairs Joshua took.  It has been a long wait for him to have his own bedroom. My younger 3 boys have shared a room now for nearly 6 ½ years.  Their room is always such a mess but then again they have too much stuff for one bedroom.  I loved watching Joshua carefully put his things on shelves in his new room. Sadly he will only have his own bedroom for 1 week and then Matthew will move in next weekend for the Summer.  Ethan and Noah are loving the space in the bedroom they are sharing as well.  Ethan can not wait now for when Joshua goes to college so he can have Joshua's new room.

Oh, I loved the weather this past weekend.  I wish I was not so busy doing inside things where I could have taken advantage and worked on the outside.  I love the Spring flowers coming up.  I need to get rid of some of my Lamb's Ear though.  It has over taken my one flower bed.  Now that I have been educated by Aimee, I will not let them bloom this year.

Speaking of Aimee, my heart aches for her and Marni.  Amiee lives in Alabama and the tornadoes have effected her immensely.  She has a kind heart and I am so happy she/her house were spared but I know she is hurting by seeing the damages it has left.  I know I would be aching if I were in her shoes.  Marni has family living there and she actually lost family members from the tornadoes as well as family losing their homes.  I cannot even imagine the helpless feeling these women must be feeling.

I can not believe my ex husband has finally came around and is cooperating regarding Joshua's graduation.  I am so shocked yet pleased.  This is the way it should have always been.  Our children should come first, anger and hatred or whatever it is should be pushed aside for the boys.

I was sitting in Joshua's new room on Saturday, waiting for Ethan and Joshua to bring the futon upstairs.  As I was sitting there in front of a full length mirror I got a glance of myself.  I am not happy with the way I look.  I cried and cried.  How did I let myself get this fat?  I need to find some exercises that will allow me to lose this mass amount of weight needed.  My biggest problem right now is my knees.  Friday I could not walk or sit without pain.  I am not talking about a little pain but major pain.  I just do not know if I can handle this pain another 20 years before they will give me a total knee replacement.

Todd is off work this week on vacation.  I envy him because I want to be home with him helping him work on what needs to be done.  His goal is to finish painting our living room and finishing the floor by the garage door.  He also plans on cleaning the garage and work in the garden.  I will be on vacation the week of Joshua's graduation and he will work then, however I am afraid the shampooer will keep him awake that day.  I love the fact that I get 8 nights in a row with him.  I sleep so much better when he is next to me.


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