Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Random Ramblings

I'm choosing to do a random rambling tonight.  It has been a while for me blogging and I am sorry for those who follow me.  I have just been so busy with trying to get things done for Joshua's graduation.  It is so hard to believe that tomorrow is his last day of so called free education.   This Friday 7 pm his graduation ceremony begins.  I have his slide show basically done.  I need to add only 13 more pictures.  I want to end it with one of him in his cap and gown, so I will not be able to finish it until Friday after graduation unless I get a break with the weather, then I want to take a picture of him with his school in the background.


Joshua is loving his room, well he is sharing with Matthew but he has came to the conclusion that he just cannot afford to live on campus next year, he plans to save so he can live there next year.  By living at home he will be saving 7K he does not have.  He will actually becoming out ahead by 1K.  I know he will enjoy it more living on campus but I think this is the best financially for him.  I just cannot afford to help him.

The downside of this is Ethan and Noah were looking forward to having their own room.  This will be on hold for a little longer.


Tonight was Joshua's last school performance.  I was disappointed...not with him.  He did great.  He did not have a solo in this performance but he might as well have.  The other boys were not singing and Joshua was, I could hear his voice standing out in the crowd and he did a wonderful job.  The disappointment came in the audience.  I have never been to a concert that the audience has been so loud in between songs, people getting up and down during the performance, students in the lobby being so loud, and a baby being very very loud.  It was definitely not the way I would have loved to end his last performance in school.

Living Room

Well we finished painting the Living Room this past weekend.  I need to finish with some touch up decorating, once I do I will post some pictures.  There will not be a drastic change like our Kitchen but I love the color on the wall.


The only thing we have in our garden at this time is onions (and they are doing great) and one of our sweet peas took.  The other half did not.  It has been an unusually cold and wet Spring so far.  We have had to plant our baby spinach and lettuce twice now because of these stupid squirrel living in the attic above our porch.  The attic thank goodness is not attached to the attic above the house.  We will have to replant again.  I am worried they are going to dig in my herbs that I want to try this year.  I have been looking for solutions to our problem here.  The best thing is to get them out of the attic but I have no clue how to do that.

My boys

I am enjoying have them all home right now.  I think that may change by the end of Summer though.  LOL  Looking at pictures I have scanned and added to the video reminds me of the good ol' days with them.  They grow so fast.

Car Crash

Well I have not heard anything at all yet regarding his hit and run incident. 

Well I need to get going to work more on graduation stuff....excited to get this over with.  More excited to see this new little grand baby.  Totally excited to be a Grandma. 

Sunday I promise I will catch up on everyone's blogs.  This will be my wind down day after the graduation events.

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  1. I know what you mean about audiences. It's no wonder our kids don't know better! Their parents act like... well, you know. We have one more week until graduation here. 9 days, actually. It's crunch time! Glad your boy will be home the first year. So will our daughter. Saves so much money!


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