Sunday, May 15, 2011


I'm very angry right now.  I guess basically it is partly my fault.  I tried to give him a chance but I should have listened to my gut.  Joshua just got his driving license yesterday.  He did not have driver's education because he was too busy for it and when I did pay the $425 for driver's ed prior to school he signed up for early bird P.E. and did not tell me.  There went $425 down the drain, it was non-refundable.

When ever he drove with his permit we would get into a fight, finally he told me he did not want to drive with me anymore.  He took corners to wide or too short.  I would tell him how to correct it but he knows everything.  He rode the center line, I would tell him to stay in between the two lines. He always told me he is a good driver but I make him nervous.  He knows what he is doing, so I never let him drive again.

He had to take the written test as well as the driving test and he past the first time.  I let him drive his self to work yesterday.  I was scared the entire time.  He took it to the store this morning to pick something up for me.  He had practice for the community musical he is in and just came home 15 minutes ago.  He has had his driver's license for 30 hours and has had an accident already.  GET THIS!!!  He was backing out of his parking spot and took it too wide.  TOO WIDE and scraped a car.  I think I have at least $1500-$2000 damage.  NOW HERE IS THE STUPID PART.  He just left.  YES, he just left.  He did not leave a note on the person's car he hit.  He just left!

I was not nice when I noticed.  I was standing outside.  I rarely cuss but this kid the past 6 months has made me cuss so much.  He said "Well yeah!" pointing to my car parked in the street.  I then noticed.  I looked at him and said "You seriously fuckin' wrecked my car?"  a little  loud but not yelling.  He then said "Please do not yell at me."  I wasn't.  I then walked away and to the car and looked at it.  I then said did you leave a note on the car you hit.  No was his answer.  I then glared at him and said "Do you know that is illegal?"  What did I hear from him.  "I'm sorry."  I hate those words from him.  He says it to me all the time and doesn't mean it.  Okay, maybe he means it this time.  I am doing everything in my power right now to NOT scream at him.

What in the world was he thinking of by not leaving a note?  I don't know how long it will be before I get something from the city regarding him hitting something.  It was at a mall plaza.  I am sure someone saw it or heard it.  I am sure someone took my license plate number down.  The kid rarely works.

I blame myself more then him.  I should not have cussed at him.  I feel bad about that.  I wanted to scream but I did not.  I did raise my voice a little but not a lot because neighbors were out.  I should have NEVER trusted him to drive my car.  UGH!!!!



  1. I have no words, no sage wisdom, not a clue as to how to help. I love you. (((HUGS))). BTW, I would have screamed obscenities. Lots of them. Therefore, on the parent front, you did well.

  2. Live & learn. Yeah, I probably would have blown a gasket or two. If someone did see it, then he will have to face the consequences. Just bites that your car is damaged now. Hang in there.

  3. I'm so sorry. I wouldn't worry about the cussing or the yelling. I would have done the same thing. The hard part now is for him to suffer the consequences whether that's to pay the damage (when you find out who it is) or lose privileges, or whatever. Man, that stinks! I'm so sorry. But, this, too, shall pass.


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