Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tackle It Tuesday

My closet has needed to be tackled since Mid-December.  Every year about November my walk in closet becomes a storage for Christmas gifts.  This year my husband began the wrapping without me and it became even more of a mess.  Typically I put things back in order by Mid-January but not this year.  This year that time we began our Kitchen Make-Over.  It took nearly 3 months BUT I love it...still do.  Then it was time to get things in gear for graduation and soon to be baby.  In May, my husband tore it even more apart to try to find a car title to get rid of the car.  He never did find it, just like I have not found a gift to our grandchild in my closet.  I am still stumped, no clue where it went.


I am one that likes to have my clothing in color grouping.  I know, I am a little bizarre.  I have not been able to reach clothing in my closet since the first week in May when Todd tore into it.  I started to hang clothing in the laundry closet because I could not get to it.  My husband has more clothing in our closet then I do.  What you all have seen is just the view inside, the back of the closet is mine.  To the right there are some shelving that I get.  It is not as long as the entire closet.  Now the opposite side the entire length of the closet is my husband's and below the hanging clothing, half of it that is, is another rod with more clothing of my husbands.  I know.  It is suppose to be the woman with the most clothing in the closet. 


My closet is not the only thing I have tackled.  I made a canopy for my niece's bed but I am not ready to post it yet, because I want a picture of her on her bed with it hanging up.

I had planned on tackling last night a baby quilt since my grandson was due in 4 weeks BUT he had other plans.  My step-daughter Kera tackled something special last night at 11:01 pm.  Taj Alan came into the world at a whopping 4 lbs 3.5 oz and 17 inches long.  Mom and baby are doing fine.  He is having some problems maintaining his body heat but is good.  Proud Grandpa and Grandma are just thrilled.  Baby quilt has to be the next thing I tackle.

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  1. I usually do a tackle, and I actually did one, but I posted a vlog today instead.

    Your closet is amazing! I hope mine turns out half as well. And I guess I am bizarre, too. I like my shirts (not tee shirts, but my other ones) to be grouped by color. Does that make us weird? Maybe. But I don't care!!!!!!

  2. An empty, clean sink and an organized closet make the world go round at my house...I ALWAYS color coordinate the entire closet AND I do it by sleeve length/pant length etc to boot!


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