Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tackle It Tuesday

Let me introduce you to one of my new best friends!

I never realized how crappy our old washer really was. 
It died a June 4th and I have not been able to wash any clothing
except for 3 outfits for each of us while I was tackling Kera's apartment for her
while she was in the hospital with Taj.
Since Thursday June 9th, 5 pm I have tackled 20 loads of laundry
and put away18 of the 20 loads. 
I still have about 10 more before I am all caught up.
I was behind to start with due to graduation the weekend before.

As I stated I also tackled Kera's apartment, well Todd and I did.
She and her sister moved the beginning of May and with her being pregnant
she had not unpacked many things. 
She was not ready for Taj one bit.  No baby clothing were cleaned as of yet.
I still had her bedding because we did not have time for her shower yet. 
It was scheduled for this Saturday.
I did 6 other loads of laundry for her as well in her apartment. 
This is on top of the 20 loads from our house.

I also tackled this...

I found this on Craigs List for only $20.
I cleaned it all up and disinfected it.
I washed the cover too.
If Kera does not want it then we are going to keep it for grandchildren.

We also picked this up a sport pack n play for grandchildren.
We found it on Craigs List as well.
I love it.  It comes with a fitted sheet as well as a bug net for the top.
I tackled this and cleaned it well.

This is linked to 5 Minutes for Moms


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  1. You have been BUSY!!!! When do you sleep? Seriously, that's an awesome amount of work between the laundry and setting up a home and baby equipment! Way to go!


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