Friday, June 24, 2011

Thank You Kera

Back on Halloween Kera told us she was pregnant.  
She totally surprised us and made me feel wonderful.
She told me she wanted me to be called Grandma as well.  
When it comes to the girls I can never assume anything.  
I love the relationship Kera and I have developed.

Her wonderful son came early. 
He is now 17 days old and he is definitely developing some personality. 
I love his facial expressions he makes.  
I love how he makes the cutest facial expressions while he is awake or asleep.

I love being a Grandma.
I can not believe how much I love this little guy.
He is tiny still...although
He has gained 9.5 oz since he was born.

I am also so proud of Kera.
She is a good Mom.
She tries so hard to do everything right.
With little help.
She beats herself up when she makes mistakes that she never knew.
I just remind her, she is a new Mom and a Good One.

Thank you Kera!



  1. I can never assume anything with my step-daughters, so I know how elated you must have felt when she wanted you to be grandma. My step-son has 3 year old twins, and I love them. They were born about 3 months early, but they're doing fine. Taj is so beautiful! These are some great pictures. Where's one of you holding him (besides just your arms! LOL)?

  2. Funny how it all works out isn't it? Congrats again...he is a cutie!


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