Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wednesday Woo Hoos

It has been awhile for Wednesday Woo Hoo.  My heart is overflowing with such love and happiness that I want to share.

Woo Hoo for such a supporting husband.  I have been so stressed out for the past few weeks preparing for or trying to prepare for Joshua's graduation.  I love this man.  He is always there for me.  I am truly blessed with having him in my life.

Woo Hoo for Joshua graduating.  WE had a wonderful party for him.  I loved the fact that he thanked me at the end of the day for everything I did for him.  I am sorry that the boys had to see their father they way he really is because I am sure it hurts, been there done that with my own.  However, I am being treated with more respect and thankfulness.  I did not stress what their father did at the party and have no intention in doing it.  They saw with their own eyes and it made their own impression.

Here is my big Woo Hoo.  My father!  I know if you knew me you probably would have never expected to see that or hear it.  I have built a wall around myself when it comes to my father.  I have had my heart broken so many times by him.  False promises, half trying BUT I think he is actually trying this time.  HE came to Joshua's graduation.  All other important dates (minus the birth of Ethan, my third child) he was either in a bar drunk or serving time.  HE was drunk during my own high school graduation and when I had Noah.  He was serving time with both of my marriages, graduation from college, birth of Matthew and Joshua, and Matthew's graduation.  This time he was there and sober.  He had a life experience Thanksgiving weekend in 2009.  Near death experience.  It was not looking good for him. Liver shot from drinking as well as from Hepatitis C from the needles used for his tattoos while he was serving time.  He sore he was going to beat this and take this new chance for life seriously.  He is involved in the grandchildren life now as well as my sisters.  I live 2 hours away so he does not see us as often.

He told me what great boys I had.  He beamed with pride when Joshua crossed the stage to get his diploma.  He really got to know my husband.  He bragged to my Grandmother about what a wonderful man my husband is.  How smart my children are.  How I have the life I deserve.  He told my Mother how much he regrets missing so much of my life and the boys.  How he really messed up with leaving our family.   He lost time with all of his girls he can never get back.  He also told her how Mike (my ex) will regret what he is doing later in life and has no clue he will never get this back.  He was tickled that I gave him an extra photo of Joshua when he was a little guy.  I accidentally had two prints made.

My heart is swelling from excitement over this new father I have.  I have always wanted a father.  I have always had a father but a very dysfunctional one.  Now I have a father who wants to be a father.  Maybe it is time to take the wall down and give this another try?  I feel such joy.

My sister Amy is doing well and is really growing up and being the mother she should have always been to my nephew Carlos.  I am proud of her as well with her lifestyle change.

I feel so loved!  I feel so great!  Woo Hoo!!!!

What do you have to Woo Hoo about this week?


  1. Those are great things to be happy about!!!

  2. What blessings! I'm just now getting over the graduation week hoopla and actually have some time to read blogs. I've missed you!

    So wonderful to hear about your father.


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