Sunday, June 19, 2011

2nd Time I Floated

Yesterday I posted about a time that I felt so high from a life experience, I mentioned within it how I had another.  Today I am going to dedicate this post to that man who created the second time I felt like I was floating from pure enjoyment, in honor of Father's Day.  Now he may not be my boys' biological father but he is a great role model for them.  He is here for them and they know he is reliable.  Now do not take me wrong, I have had several special moments in my life, the birth of each of my boys, the birth of my first grandchild, my wedding day, and graduations as well as whatever my child is involved in.  However there have only been two times in my life that I felt like my feet actually left the ground, the first July 18, 1990 when I saw Paul McCartney in concert and the other happened on May 31, 2008.

2008 was a two major big events for me, May my first born was graduating and July I was going to marry my Prince Charming.  My relationship with Matthew, my oldest was very unsettling. He was more then spreading his wings at that time.  It was very stressful.  We (Todd and I) had tickets to see the Cubs vs. Rockies game at Wrigley field on June 1, 2008.  It was a Sunday game, we purchased the tickets back in February I think.  Todd seeing how stressed I was between, Matthew, graduation, and trying to plan the wedding he felt a weekend away would be good and planned a surprise on May 31 for me.  All I knew is it had something to do with Chicago, since we were going there for the weekend now instead of just for the game.  He ended up telling me what it was prior so we can pack accordingly.  He purchased tickets for a dinner cruise from the Navy Pier.  He made all of these plans in just two weeks.

We drove up to Chicago and checked into our hotel and took a little nap.  Yep, first sign we are getting old when we are worn out from a drive. We then dressed up for our dinner on The Spirit of Chicago.  I was so excited.  I have never been on a cruise ship.  As we boarded the ship I remember the hostess telling us how elegant we looked.  I have never felt elegant but that made me feel good.  We had a two our cruise with dinner and entertainment.  Dinner was very good and the entertainment was superb.  It was just a DJ and 3 of the crew members singing occasionally but interacting with the guest.  It was very enjoyable.  I remember looking across the table and seeing this wonderful man I am so in love with.  During dinner Todd and I both agreed that this was so well worth getting a way for.  We were having a great time.  It was perfect.  After I got back from the bathroom the DJ announced it was time to grab that someone special and come out to the dance floor.  I thought "Yeah, right...Todd doesn't dance."  I have never danced with Todd on our first date he told me he does not dance so do not ever expect him to dance with me.  The song started....Oh My was our song. "Wonderful Tonight".  I looked at him and smiled and said something like Oh my goodness...our coincidental. Now thinking this is a perfect night on this cruise. I looked over towards the entertainment directors and saw them looking at us with a huge smile, one saying to the's their song.  I then looked at Todd, thinking something's going on...he smiled and said that he knows it's our wasn't too coincidental, while I was in the restroom he requested it.  Then he asked me to dance. Our very first dance together ever!  It was perfect, although there were other couples that joined us, it was like we were alone...I kept leaning in and giving him a quick kiss.  I couldn't believe this much he loves much he wanted me to enjoy this evening. 

After our dance, we sat down and eventually, we joined in with the Conga, Limbo, and the Electric Slide.   We did not dance that well to the Electric Slide but we did not care either because we were having such a good time.  After the dancing we spent the remainder amount of time on the upper deck.  We enjoyed the view, the atmosphere, and took some pictures.  It was perfect.  After we docked we decided to walk along the Navy Pier and wait for the fireworks.  Oh yeah, there were lots of fireworks that night. It was absolutely the most romantic night I have ever had.  It was everything I hoped and longed for.  We both enjoyed our time so much.

The next day, we enjoyed our game too. Best seats we have ever had.  We only had 12 rows ahead of us and we were along the 3rd baseline in between the dug out and the pitcher's bull pen.  We had such great seats...a foul ball came towards us...aligned up for Todd, but then it dropped quickly and landed only 3 seats away from us. We got to see Soriano hit an out of the park home run.  The cubs won. Too bad they are not playing as well this year. 

We headed home and talked about our weekend.  He kept asking me how much I enjoyed it.  I kept telling him over and over.  On a scale 1-10 how would I rate this weekend. would be off the charts.  He asked me what my favorite part of the weekend. Wow this was hard, there were so many wonderful moments...It had to be the part that he requested our song and danced to it.  He smiled and told me that was his favorite too.  He told me that he wished he had the camera to take a picture of my face.  It was so worth the entire trip. He said I looked like I was a kid opening a Christmas present and seeing it was exactly what they always wanted.  My facial expression showed him how much that song really meant to me and how much I really love him.  He's right about that!  He told me that he was glad I enjoyed the weekend that much because it was all about me this weekend. I have never had a weekend all about me...I don't think I have ever had a day that was all about me.  On our trip home we would just giggle or smile at one another...we both were on cloud nine.  We watched a beautiful sunset as we were driving home.  What a beautiful way to end the perfect weekend.  I think my feet did not touch the ground for maybe 7 days after that weekend.  I just floated through the week.

Todd is good to me and my boys.  He's there for them, he will lose sleep to go see their performances.  I know they enjoy spending time with him and laugh with him a lot.  I could have not found a better father figure for them.  He means the world to me. Here are some pictures of that special weekend.

Happy Father's Day Todd!  
Thank you for being a great husband, best friend and Father.


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  1. What a weekend! Sounds heavenly. Todd sounds like a wonderful person, husband, and father. (P. S. My husband isn't so great in the dance department, either. He needs a lesson in romance, too. Is Todd available to teach?)


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