Sunday, July 10, 2011


I am very excited, we received Taj's pictures yesterday.  The hospital he was born does not take newborn pictures so we insisted Kera to go have his picture taken and she listened.  I love a couple but this one is my favorite.  I thought I was going to  publish on Wordless Wednesday but then I thought... I need words.  See I have so loosely called "friends" that sent me a private message when I posted pictures of my grandson on facebook.  They were not pleased that his father is of a different race.  I am sure I will make some readers not so happy but then, you may be the type of person I am addressing if you are judging. So do to my so called friends' comment...words are needed, so here they go.

*Stepping on my soap box*

It is not our place to judge.  I have heard comments about mixing races since I was a wee little girl.  My aunts did.  I have heard the verses in the Bible.  I have heard it all.  I believe it is not our place to judge others.  Who are we to say what is right or wrong?  We are not the All Mighty who can judge.  If it is wrong then they will be judged then, but it is not ours now.  I am a firm believer, just because it is not the life style I chose, it does not mean it is wrong.  Regardless of same sex or different race, they are not hurting anyone.  Come on!  Are we not pass those days?  I hate to think that my grandson will have to live through prejudice judgement.  I do!  I just hate the thought.  Do not think one minute that I will stand by and let someone get away with speaking ill about him due to his skin color or race.  The time is for acceptance.  My photo listed below I think is beautiful.  It shows the contrast of the parents creating this beautiful human being.  I think it could be a picture of unity.  Human Unity...or... Acceptance. 

*Stepping off my soap box*



  1. This post goes so well with the verses I posted on my blog a few minutes ago! Judge not! I'm so tired of hearing people judge others (Casey Anthony being one, and we'll never know what happened there, and it's not my place anyway, but I'll get off my soapbox), and I didn't go to church today but I feel like I'm being judged and that is not a reason to go to church, so the judging issues has been on my mind a lot.

    I LOVE that photo! Love it! How precious!

  2. This is a pretty amazing picture! I've never seen one like it before. A lot of little guys are squirmy. I'm impressed that he looks so alert, yet so comfortable laying like that in his parents' hands.

    I can see why it's your favorite; it's simply stunning.

    Congratulations Grandma!

  3. I cannot imagine anyone looking at that photo and thinking anything but how beautiful your grandson is and how delightfully artistic that picture is. Congratulations on the grandbaby!

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE that photo...LOVE it! I want Tay and Jake to do something like that with Wes.

    Jolene, sorry that anyone has said anything other than CONGRATS. Never even occurred to me to do anything but be happy for all of you. Honestly, didn't even occur to me that it would be an issue and I live in the South. Love is love...people don't decide to be in just blissfully happens.


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