Sunday, July 3, 2011

BBQ Ham Balls

We had food day at work on July 1st to celebrate the holiday and because we did not have lunch that day since our office closed at 1 pm.  One of my co-workers (best friend) is pregnant and kept going on and on about how she was hungry for BBQ Ham Balls, so being the nice person I am to her I told her I would bring BBQ Ham Balls.  She was so excited.  I was a little worried because I never made them before and I was making something to a memory of her store bought BBQ I was told.  I searched and searched and found this recipe.  I brought them into work and SUCCESS.  She told me they tasted just like her grandmother's recipe.  I had several people on the team talk about how good they are.  I brought none home too. I will definitely add this to our Football weekend tradition rotation.

Click here for the recipe or go to the top and click on the tab 'Recipes'.  
I hope you enjoy them!

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