Thursday, July 28, 2011

Frozen Drink Pouch Review

We wanted to try something new for a summer drink.
When we are on vacation we like to have a summer alcohol drink.
Typically it is Mud Slider or Pin`a Colada.
My favorite is Todd's recipe for Pin`a Colada.
I will have to share it some time.
In the store they have these packets of Margarita or Daiquiri Mix.
We thought why not.
I also thought that I would do a little review of them as well.
Todd chose the Daily's Pomegranate Margarita.
I had the Cordina's Strawberry Daiquiri
You have to freeze them for up to 8 hours.
We stuck both containers in the freezer for nearly 20 hours.
The mix was too frozen to drink, so we had to sit them out for 30 minutes to thaw.
(But that was our fault because it was in our deep freezer not the refrigerator freezer. 
It was nearly frozen solid.  Again, our fault.)

Daily's Pomegranate Margarita was easy to pour out of the pouch.
Simply just open and squeeze the mix out into your glass.
The color was beautiful and not watered down looking.
The taste was outstanding!
Sweet yet not too sweet.
I would definitely recommend this to others to drink.
Simple too, just freeze and then pour into your glass.
All the alcohol was added in the pouch.
Very simple.

Cordina's Strawberry Daiquiri although it had an easy open top
the drink mix would not pour out of the pouch.
I had to cut the top off just to get the drink out.
The color was a barely a light pink color.  
This is not the color I remember Strawberry Daiquiri
when you order with a bartender making it.
This drink reminded me more of a frozen wine then a daiquiri.
Although the drink was good, 
If one was looking for a daiquiri one would be disappointed with this drink,
For a frozen daiquiri drink, I would not recommend this one.

This review was done without any company asking, 
and I am not being paid for the remarks.
All opinions stated within are of my own.


  1. I didn't think to look for color. I don't drink much but I liked the Cordina because I could squeeze a little in to a glass and save the rest for another day. The other pouch you can't close back up. I agree about the freezing process. So you have to freeze them the day before and then take them out to thaw some before serving. I enjoyed your review.

  2. I have tried other brands of these pouch drinks, Dailys being one of them. I have no complaints with the Dailys and they had a pretty good flavor.

    However, a few friends and I just tried one of the Cordina drinks, purchased from Walmart, specifically the Mudslide(Choc-Go-Late), and we were VERY disappointed. It tasted funny, almost sour? We ended up throwing them away. Not sure exactly how to describe it, it just had a funky taste. We didn't see any expiration dates on these, but we used them the next day after purchase. Definitely will not buy them again, at least not that flavor. Not sure if we will try other flavors or not.

  3. The dailys says to just massage or squeeze the pouch to soften it up from the freezer. Might have missed that.


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