Monday, July 4, 2011

Miscellany Monday

A little Monday Ramblings is in order today.

I have had a SUPER extended weekend.  The only thing that could complete this weekend was spending time with my Mom too.  We went to Todd's side of the family on Saturday. His Mom's birthday is the 3rd so we just got together to celebrate the 4th and her birthday.  Everyone was there but Emily, she went to Des Moines to nanny for the weekend.  I enjoy being with his family, we had no drama this time at all.  It was a great get together and it is always a winner with a little Taj time too.

Last night was the first time I was able to see the fireworks with Todd.  Every 4th of July he has worked, this year it came around where he had July 3rd off and it is also the night Iowa City had their firework show.  Joshua was out with his friends.  Matthew missed catching up with his because of taking Joshua.  Ethan met up with his friends at the Jazz Fest that was going on as well.  Noah was stuck with Todd and I.  LOL  Well, that is how he felt.  He wanted me to leave him at home so he can play more video games, but I would not have it.  We were going to all be celebrating no one was going to be left behind.  The three of us walked around the fest listened to a little music while we ate and then went back to the parking ramp (top) to watch the show.  It was nice!  Another good day.

Friday Todd had to meet up with the Director of the Communication Center.  He was told he is not out of the running for the Supervisor position but they have to interview 4 or 5 more and can not hook up with them.  He asked Todd to step up until the choice has been made.  It is not clear exactly what he will be doing but I love the idea of him working Monday through Friday 9 am - 5pm.  Every Saturday and Sunday off.  I love it.

We made my butterfly garden.  I had not planned on actually making it this year.  Todd and I picked up a few things for the garden, like the shepherd hooks, the humming bird feeder, the butterfly wind chime, the butterfly trellis, and the yard timber.
More about my butterfly garden.  Click here.

I enjoyed a night of playing games with the boys.  We played 'Killer Bunnies'  it is a cute game but not worth all the money Joshua paid for it.  Just my opinion.  He should have saved it for college, but then again that it is a Mom speaking.

 My card I played 'weapon card' was that anyone that had a bunny had to roll a die, the lowest number had to kiss me any where I told him he had to kiss.  LOL  Loved this one.

I am not looking forward to going to work.  Our company did some major down sizing and now we have 3 possibly 1 more leaving our department.  Now we do not have enough people to cover the phones, so although I am being trained on a new product that is suppose to take 4 weeks of training, I have only 2 weeks to get it down so I can train some temps.  All before my vacation begins in 15 days counting the weekends ... but who is really counting.  ;)


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  1. Soundsl like you've had a wonderful holiday weekend! I'm so glad. I've never heard of that game, but it looks like fun. Love the kiss. We used to get together with my stepson and his wife and play Uno Attack. Good times! We need to resurrect that game night.


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