Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tackle it Tuesday---Guess What is Done!

Once upon a time there was this beautiful little girl.
I met her when she was only 5.
Over the course of 7 years she became my niece.
This little girl never had a bedroom of her own, she shared with her brother.
Less then a year ago, she ended up getting her own bedroom.
We helped her mother move their things into their new place.
She was so proud of her new room.
It was pink and purple and very girly.
She beamed with excitement.

Now I never had a little girl of my own.
When I did have daughters (step daughters) they were much older.
I moved into their house with my four boys when they were 14 and 17.
I missed the cute little frilly things.
I love to craft.
I would have had my little girl's room decorated in all kinds of frilly crafty things.
I always wanted to make a canopy out of netting for her.

When I saw this beautiful girl and her excitement,
I could not help myself but ask her if she would like for me to make a canopy for her.
She jumped up and down on her bed and said "Yes!"

So...here it is.  I tackled it this week.

It was rather easy.  Here is the how to...

Large Hoop (I used quilting hoop)
Tulle (Color of your choice.  I used pink because of her color of her room.)  You want a piece that will be long enough from the ceiling to the box spring.  If you have a double or larger bed you may need two pieces due to the width of the tulle.
Small Feather Boa (Color of your choice.  You could use a ribbon or any other trimming if you wish.)
Ribbon (or a ring)
Appliques if you choose to embellish


1.      I had to stitch the two pieces of tulle together creating one large piece.
2.      Next you want to add the tulle to the hoop.  I wrapped enough tulle around the hoop and then sewed next to the hoop.  I needed assistance at first with this and the boys took turns holding and spinning the hoop every now and then while I stitched the tulle.  When I came to the end piece, I did overlap them some because I wanted this split effect once it has been hung over the bed.

3.      Next cut 2 strands of ribbon the length that you want to have gathered above the hoop. 
4.      Then cut a small slit through the tulle and slip the ribbon through enough to fold and stitch to the ribbon, repeat on the other side of the hoop making handle above the hoop. 

You will want to repeat this with the second strand of ribbon making an X with your handle on the top.
Cut another piece of ribbon, the length that you want to have the canopy hang from the ceiling.  Loop this ribbon through the X you just made with the other two ribbons sewn to the hoop.  Tie the ends together near the top as such.
5.      Next you will want to hot glue the trim of your choice around the hoop.  I chose the small boa.  Loving the pink!  (Warning- Feathers are not fun to hot glue but I love the look.)
6.      Next add any type of embellishment.
Once completed add to a hook from ceiling.

She absolutely loved it.
And lived Happily Ever After
~The End

I actually am giving it to her this Saturday.  I will post a final picture when the canopy is over her bed.  I believe she is going to love it!

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