Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tackle it Tuesday

I made this for Kera's baby shower.

We gave most of the things we picked up when Taj came home from the hospital because she needed them.  The size 2 diapers he was and still isn't close to wearing yet. He is now 6 lbs 5 oz. and will is 4 weeks.

Originally I had planned on adding a couple of bottles, pacifiers, and hand made receiving blankets, but those were among the few items given to her earlier.  Here is how I made it.

Items I used:
A box of 100 diapers.  I chose size 2 because I thought he would be normal size and she would be able to enjoy the cake for a little while, however because of how tiny he is, she will be enjoying it a little longer.  Many rubber banks, my center piece was a monkey baby rattle, the star and monkey are items she can hang from his car seat carrier to play with, a spool of ribbon, and hot glue.  Not pictured was the baby wash clothes.  Now some people use different sizes of diapers for the different layers, I am going to try that next month along with some other ideas.
First you will have to roll each diaper.  When rolling the diapers, start to roll with the top of the diaper, front side.  

Once the diaper is completely rolled, then you will need to take your rubber band and wrap it around the rolled diaper as tight as you can. Also make sure all rubber bands are in the center of the diaper.  A ribbon will later hide the rubber band. 
Repeat until all diapers are rolled.
Now it is time to start building.  One should start with 6 diapers and form them into a circle.  

Take a rubber band and secure the diapers together.
Keep adding more diapers around this base.
I chose to have 3 tiers so I made each tier a little larger then the other.
I removed my inner diaper on the top layer and added the rattle as the cake topper.
Next you will take your ribbon and cut it just slightly bigger then the circumference of the tier of diaper cake.
I took a piece of double sided tape and taped one end of the ribbon to the rubber band.  Now is the time to hide the rubber bands.  With your hot glue gun, place a spot of glue on the ribbon to secure.
Repeat this process until all three tiers are done.
Then stack on top of one another.
You can add pacifiers to the ribbon, prior to gluing.
You can tuck receiving blankets inside the ribbon as well prior to gluing.  
I added little toys that you connect to the handle of the baby carrier.

I also took baby wash clothes and made rosettes.
They were easy peasy.  
You take your baby wash cloth and fold the sides in to make more of a rectangle then square.  
Roll the wash cloth up then fold the ends toward one another.
Take a rubber band and place it around the folded part (center) leaving the ends together.
Finally, you will then start to pull out the edges on the end to have a rose effect.
I then tucked the rosettes in between the rolled diapers.
I plan to make another next month and plan to make it a little differently.  Watch for the posting.  I think you will like the full effect and different choices.

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What have you tackled this week?

My guess what  will be tackled for next Tuesday.

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  1. You are amazing! I don't think I could do that and have it look quite so nice even though you gave a great tutorial. The rosettes are where I think I'd have the most trouble. You're so crafty! (And I'm behind on blog reading in case you couldn't tell.)


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