Thursday, July 28, 2011

Vacation 2011 Part 1

Todd and I typically take two weeks off for Summer Vacation, the last week in July and the first part of August.  This year we did not plan a huge vacation but chose to have a few little ones.  The first four days I was sick.  What a way to start vacation, however I was not going to let this ruin our trip to Chicago.  Everyone was able to come but Kera and Taj.  Taj was too little to be outdoors for two days.

The first day we planned to take a pirate cruise on Lake Michigan at the Navy Pier.
Photo from 2011 SVU Annual Conference blog for Chicago

I was so excited for this.  I thought the boys would love this.  I know I loved going on a cruise on Lake Michigan but I thought the pirate theme would interest them as well as Todd and I.  I think even Emily would have enjoyed it.  They were going to tell us about real pirates on Lake Michigan back in the day.  After our cruise we were going to take the kids through out Navy Pier.  They have never been there before.  Both Todd and I love the pier.  I found a cool museum that was free of charge where we can go in and see several stain glass windows.  I love anything dealing with art.  Matthew took a class in high school making stain glass and Ethan will be taking it this Fall.  I thought they would enjoy it as well.
It rained the entire way to Chicago.  There was an awesome lightening show.  No way was any ship going to sail in a storm like this.  We drove around maybe 15 minutes trying to figure out what to do.  I can not believe we had no back up plans in case of rain.  I did not think of anything maybe because day one was what I really wanted to do.  Who knows if our next family vacation I will have all four boys with us.  This is the first one that Matthew went with us since 2007 when we went to Chicago then.  We came up with a couple of ideas and let the kids chose.  It was going to be either the Chicago's Natural History Museum or Shedd Aquarium.  The aquarium won unanimous.  Now we had plans for day one.  The feature was Jelly Fish.  They had several types on display.  We saw everything they aquarium had to offer including two shows.

Ethan in a child's penguin costume
 Todd pretending he is deep sea diving with dolphins

We ended up being there nearly five hours.  Then off to our hotel for the night.

Day 2 ~ The Great America Six Flags.  Plans were to let the kids pair off and do what they wanted while Todd and I relaxed in the water park.  Ten days prior to vacation, Joshua thought it would be cool to get a tattoo so he could not do anything in the water park.  Matthew and Noah hung out mostly together and joined us once in awhile, especially towards the end of the day at the water park side.  Ethan hung out with Matthew and Noah for the water rides and then Joshua and Emily for the amusement park rides.  I thought that I would take pictures after the water park closed.  I wanted to get some pictures of the kids on the rides as well as the night show they have...parade of lights.  We rented a locker for the day on the water side and the water park closes at 7 pm so we thought that we would go get our belongings around 6 pm to avoid the rush of people.

It was during this time, our enjoyment ended.  When Todd went to the locker his wallet was missing.  His entire wallet.  No driver's license, no credit card, no debit card, everything he had in his wallet missing.  Unfortunately he had a large amount of cash in it as well.  It literally made me sick.  Thankfully I had just received my new debit card the day prior to us leaving or I am not sure how we would have made it home.  We definitely needed gas to get home.  Todd filled out all the necessary paper work and then we met up with the three in the amusement park and left for home.  No parade of lights again this time.  I have been to this park three times now and have missed it every time.  No pictures at all for day 2 in the Chicago area.  We arrived home about 1 am.

Thus the end of week one of our vacation.

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  1. Love all the photos! Looks like a blast at the aquarium, and sounds like six flags was fun, too.


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