Friday, July 29, 2011

Vacation 2011 Part 2

Todd and I planned a few little trips around Iowa for part of our vacation.  The weather just did not cooperate for us to go to Dyersville and see The Field of Dreams.  We will have to do this another time, maybe during the fall when it is not as hot nor as wet.  We wanted to go to the Amana Colonies.  I suggested that we take Kera and Taj.  Kera has hardly done anything since she has had Taj and I thought since she could not make it to Chicago it would be nice to take her.  Todd loved the idea and so did Kera.  We originally planned on leaving in the morning but as life is, things got into the way and we did not leave until noon.  We spent the afternoon there but did not see nearly all the shops in one colony.

The Amana Colonies are seven colonies, Amana, East Amana, West Amana, South Amana, High Amana, Middle Amana, and Homestead.  It is a National Historic Landmark and one of America's longest-lived communal society.  The group of people came from Germany to America in 1714 due to religion.  A group settled here in Iowa in 1855.  Amana came from the Song of Solomon 4:8 meaning to "remain true".  This community works hard and are known for the wood working, farming, and communal life style.  Do not confuse them with Amish people who settled around the same time here in Iowa.  The people in the Amana Colonies live a contemporary lifestyle.  They do not use the horse drawn buggies.  They do however live a communal life like one another and both groups come from Germany.  They also dress somewhat like one another.

Todd and I plan to go back in a couple of months and see more, who knows maybe see parts of the other six colonies as well.  Today we tasted several different wines and ended up purchasing some.  Todd tasted several different cheeses.  I found some great ideas for Christmas gifts for some of the kids.  I also found some great ideas for crafts. I love the old architecture and the feel of being back in time. 

One of my favorite shops we visited today.
I love the look of the store as well.

I love windmills.  Windmills and Lighthouses are one of my passions.  This is one of the original buildings  The Windmill house was established in 1880.  The original use of this building is unknown.

An idea I have for Kera.  She fell in love with this wine glass.  I am going to attempt to paint a set for her birthday.
I fell in love with this stain glass.  I am in hopes when we go back that Todd will get it for me for Christmas or a birthday gift. 
I loved the spinning wheel in this shop.
I picked up some fudge for the boys.  Okay for Todd, Kera, and myself as well.
 I had read a blog about someone buying this huge metal chicken for $200 dollars to make her husband mad.  I was laughing so hard that Todd wanted to know what I was reading, so I shared the blog with him.  We laughed today when we saw this in the yard.
I loved this antique toy store.  The tricycle on the fence post was simply beautiful.
Two of the bottle of wines we purchased.  Rhubarb Wine and Red Raspberry Wine.
This is one of the two boxes of fudge I purchased.  Four were peanut butter chocolate, One Chocolate Mint, One Raspberry Chocolate, and one Sugar Free Chocolate.

It was a nice afternoon.  I enjoyed the Amana Colony and time with Kera and Taj.  Taj was such a good baby and I think Kera loved hearing people say how cute and tiny he was.  Every where we went they asked how old he was.  I can not believe he is nearly 8 weeks but to many he looks like a newborn.  He is now 8 pounds, close to a regular newborns birth weight.  He has doubled his weight since birth.

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  1. Seems like a very interesting place. I'm glad Kera got to go. She probably needed that, and I know the painted wine glasses you do for her will be beautiful!


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