Monday, August 15, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Monday Moan

Mooooaaaannn.... he is still procrastinating.  He has not even signed up for his classes that start one week from today.  SON...get on it.  MOOOOAAAANNN. joints are very achy anymore.  I feel so old any more.  Younger bloggers, listen to your Mothers.  Do NOT Sit On Your Knees.  Do NOT Cross Your Legs.  Trust me you will thank me some day.

That is all for Moans


Oh, he is growing so much.  I love how he babbles to me and to everyone and everything.  He loves his little red tree frog that hangs down on his swing at our place.   He makes me feel so warm and fuzy inside because I know he likes me.  He really likes me.  He has this huge smile on his face every time I go and kiss him.  He even tries to kiss me back.  He also loves it when I talk to him.  I make him happy too.  Awh...Grandchildren are just wonderful.


Oh My Goodness!  I just can not believe this child will be starting high school this THURSDAY.  I felt like this when Matthew reached this age too, not so much Joshua, mainly because the two competed with everything.  Ethan was my first where I was home with him all day once he turned 18 months up to the age of 2nd grade.  I worked late nights so I can be home.  I absolutely loved it and would love to be home still during the day. 


His last year in elementary.  The feelings I have about this is... IT'S ABOUT TIME!  I am finally at the last stage of elementary.  NOW next year I will be oh my goodness he is now in junior high.  Noah is definitely immature for his age.  I will worry about that next year. ... see the worrier in me, I am trying to put it in percpective.


The past two weekends I have not been able to get to our garden as it needs.  It is time to remove the pea plants because they are done.  I have broccoli and cabbage that needs picked as well as some peppers.  Todd left the gate open twice and we have a little critter in there that is eating our tomatoes.  He keeps scurring to the corner where the corn is and we can not get him out.  I am going to be so mad if he eats all of my tomatoes.  I want to do some serious canning.  Cucumbers on one plant is doing wonderful, another is yellow right from the start.  We have to test the soil to see if it is a deficiency there or if it is some sort of disease.  We will be picking our one and only so far egg plant this weekend.  I am going to have to pick up some at the farmer's market to do anything with it.  We had fresh salsa last night.  I loved it.  Everything from our garden except for the lime juice and some seasoning, the onions, tomatoes, peppers, and even my cilantro.  Yummy Yummy!

Wish List...

I have decided towards the end of summer by the end of next summer I am going to definitely get around Iowa and see somethings I have always wanted to see.  
  • Tulip Festival ~ Pella, Iowa (as long as weather permits)
  • Covered Bridges~ Winterset, Iowa
  • Grotto~ West Bend, Iowa
  • Field of Dreams~ Dyersville, Iowa
  • Train Festival~ Moline, IL (okay I always wanted to see the Boone, Iowa but I live closer to Moline now and they have a cool trip we are going to take next Summer.)
  • Indian Pow Wow~ Tama, Iowa
  • I plan to go to the Mississippi River during the fall because I want to see the trees with the beautiful colors near the river.

Todd just handed me a very large mug of Mudslide. I love Mudslides in the summer.  He even chopped up a Hershey bite size candy bar and added it.  YUMMY!  We have been drinking a lot of adult summer beverages this summer.  


Todd and I are now up to the 5th season of Dexter.  I found I have enjoyed this series, the last episode in the 4th season, I actually cried and I am counting down the days for season 5 to be released on the 16th aof this month.  I think we will not be caught up by the time the new season starts.

Girl Dies From Crash~ Sad Lesson

Some of you may have read my last blog... Friday Confessional.  A 17 year old died on Thursday night.  She was leaving a church retreat and was an inexperienced mopped driver and NOT wearing a helmet.  She was coming to a curve in the road and did not see it because she waved to someone she knew.  Her scooter slid sideways several feet from her body.  It took the rescuers 2-3 minutes to find her because she was in the median where tall ornamental grass was.  She hit head on with a tree and died instantly.  I feel for her family since her mother is also in stage 4 with pancreatic cancer.  This girl was such a role model.  Her loss has hit many teachers and children in our community.  It just shows how everyone needs to pay attention when they are on any type of vehicle.


I love watching documentaries.  Right now I am watching a sad one though, it is about Japan's earthquake and Tsunami.  I can not even imagine living through any of that.  Truly unbelievable.  Actual footage people were taping.  How sad sad sad.  I need to think of something quick to end this on a good note.


I enjoyed my weekend.  Todd and I went to the Sand in the City Festival.  The boys did not want to go because they stayed up too late.  Next weekend we move Matthew to the dorm...maybe? and the boys will go with their father to Adventureland and Todd and I will go to the State Fair.  I hope everyone has a great week.

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  1. My mom always used to threaten they would sell us back to the Indians, so I've never had the desire to head back to Tama! :) Given what bad children we were, I can't imagine *anyone* taking us, let alone the tribe.

    Good to hear that you're enjoying life. Have a great week.


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