Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sand In The City

The community I live in we have Summer of The Arts.  One of the activities is SAND IN THE CITY.  This year was the 3rd Annual event.  The city brings in over 200 tons of sand and dumps in on a street that is basically 2 blocks long.  Several groups build sand art and compete with one another.  The groups are locals and they begin to work at 9 am and have to have everything complete by 4 pm to compete.  The festival does have "professional sand builders" on hand to give pointers to those who need it.  This was the first year that the city had a theme.  They chose books to go with our celebration of reading and the statues through out the city.  This is a 3 day event with bands and performers as well as many vendors along the street.  There is an area where children can play in a huge sand pit and other games.  I wish my younger two would have went with Todd and I.  We did push Taj around in the stroller, but he is way to young to enjoy anything and was asleep the entire time.  Enjoy my pictures.  They did an outstanding job!

Display One:  It is my understanding this display was made by the professionals

Display Two:  Charlotte's Web (This won 2nd Place of the People's Choice)
Just look at the details in the wood planks.  Amazing!
Display Three: Alice In Wonderland (1st Place in People's Choice) 
 This one was my favorite.
 Just look at the door...all the detailing. 
They really did an outstanding job!
Display Four: Our Earth: How Kids Saving the Planet
 Again...look at all the details.
Display Five: Arthur
Display Six: The Lorax
Display Seven: Rainbow Fish (This one was created by West High Students)  
The day the students were making this many found out about a fellow classmate losing her life less then 12 hours previously.  They ended up doing this in her memory.
Display Eight: Humpty Dumpty
I love the detailing on the wall and Humpty Dumpty.
Display Nine: The Very Hungry Caterpillar
Display Ten: The Snowman
Display Eleven: The Wizard of Oz (This display was done by City High students.)
Display Twelve: Iowa's Touchdown for Kids (This one took 3rd Place in the People's Choice Award.) 
Display Thirteen: The Giving Tree
Display Fourteen: The Three Little Pigs


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