Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tackle It Tuesday

The past few years I have not been very frugal with our garden, especially when it comes to the onions.  Typically we do not allow all of the onions we plant grow larger.  In the past I have tried braiding them by the stems and hanging them to dry but it does not work right for me.  The stems become brittle and dry.  I hung them in the garage where it is darker but we have mice in our garage and they have eaten them.  This year I chose to cut most of them and freeze them.  This way I can have them for meals this winter.  Anything you typically purchase frozen onions for I will be able to use my own onions from our gardens.  I wanted some packages with bell peppers in it as well, so I took 3 of our bell peppers and blanched and then cut them to freeze as well.  This is what I tackled this week!

12 bags of onions to freeze and 4 bags of onions and pepper mix to freeze.  I still have 4 large onions left for salsa.  To see how I did this click here.

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