Monday, August 1, 2011

Vacation 2011 Part 3

Todd and I went to Dodgeville, Wisconsin to see The House on The Rock.  When I was in third grade I went with my Mom, sister Lisa, and my Mom's old Junior High teacher.  Todd has never been to the house but has talked about it a few times.  We wanted to have a little time for just the two of us during our vacation.  Where we can enjoy and relax, so we chose to go and see The House on The Rock.  We were pleasantly surprised that it took a little more then two hours to reach our destination.  We thought it was going to be closer to three hours. We reserved a room at The House on the Rock Inn.  We chose this for a few reason, one the location was close to The House on The Rock as well it offered a package to include entrance into The House on The Rock.  First stop was the Inn to see if our room was ready.  It was not but we did receive our tickets to The House.
The front of The House on The Rock Inn

 The view once one walks inside the Inn.
The water fountain directly behind the check in desk.
 Part of the Bar/Grill
 A display in one part of the Lobby.

We arrived at The House on The Rock at 9 am when it opened.  The House originally was built on top of a huge rock and was a retreat for Alex Jordan.  He then expanded it to several more rooms that he housed his collections.  We walked and enjoyed this house/museum for over five hours.  Here are a few of my 220 photos I took that day.  

One of the Oriental Gardens
The Infinity Room
An oriental carving
One of the displays of Carousel animals
One of the Doll displays
 One of the stained glass windows
 One of the rooms of musical instruments
 Part of the World's Largest Carousel
 A Large Clock
 Carving in Ivory
 One of the armor displays
One of many carriages

After the tour we headed back to our room, took a little nap.  Ate dinner at a local restaurant down the street then to the pool room and enjoyed swimming as well as the hot tub.  They have a cute submarine for children to play in with water slides and water falls.  Indoor and Outdoor pools, the out door pool had another oriental dragon, spraying water out.  It was an excellent weekend vacation.

I will have some follow up blogs about The House on The Rock with more pictures and details about it.

Oh did I say how much we enjoyed ourselves and how relaxed we were?


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