Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Woo Hoo School Supplies

School Supplies!  Every year I purchase school supplies.  The last three years I have spent near $900 in just two weeks, some of this is school supplies, school registration, and very little new clothes for the boys.  Typically, they get 1 pair of jean shorts, 2 shirts, underwear, socks, and new shoes.  The rest of the clothing waits until end of September.  I do not want to spend money on jeans and when it comes time to wear them, they have a growth spurt and they are too tall for the new jeans.  This has happened twice to me now.  NO MORE.

Ethan is growing and growing.  I can not believe how much he is growing.  He now is in a 32 length.  He was a 30 like his older brothers.  Actually they all wore the same size, now he is handing his old jeans to his older brothers to wear.  LOL.  The 32 barely fits perfect.  If he grows more this year, he will be too tall for them.

I only have two that I have in school.  The other two are in college, well we will see if two are in college.  The oldest is not sure what he is going to do.  I think I will pick up some notebooks for Joshua this semester but he will be on his own for the rest.  With only 2 in school now, I should see savings!  Woo Hoo!  I picked up schools supplies, well what I know of.  Ethan will be in high school and we never know until the first week of school what he needs.  I have kind of guessed with some.  Here is my special buy.  I am so proud of it.  Two packages of pencils (10 in each box) 2 packages of mechanical pencils (6 in each package with extra lead and erasers), 4 high lighters, 9 2 pocket folders, 4 large erasers, 2 packages of medium black pens (12 per packet), 1 medium blue pens (12 ), 6 composition notebooks, 2 boxes of colored pencils, 3 glue sticks, 1 pocket calculator, 6 book covers, 1 box of markers, rubber cement glue, water color paint, 1 package of medium red pens (12), 2 packages of loose leaf paper (100 each), 3- 3 subject spiral notebooks, 2 wet wipes, and 1 back pack.

I found a great sale at Menard's and picked up the rest at Wal-Mart.  I spent $87 dollars and will have $49 in rebate for Menard's.  The black and blue ink pens were basically free.  They were $1 with a $1 in store rebate.  I know some do not think that is a savings but to me YIPPEE!!  See I am painting and making over the inside.  I see paint for the walls, or it could go towards new lights for the bathrooms.  See what I am saving now! 

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