Thursday, September 15, 2011

Cougar On The Lose

Yes, you read the title correctly and I am not talking about a middle age woman going after some young stud here.  A bonafide 4 legged cougar has been sighted for the third time within two weeks.  Who would have thought Iowa City, Iowa would have to be concerned about mountain lions?  Not me!  The first sighting was near an elementary resulting in two elementary schools being in what they call lock down for the day, no one going out.  When I first heard about it, I just thought maybe someone "thought" they saw one.  To be honest I never even heard about the second one, but to wake up this morning and read the paper an article about one being sighted yesterday at 4:10 pm near the wooded patch off the bike path behind the Hy-Vee I shop now makes me worry a little.

This area is near several homes, near 3 elementary schools, one including where Noah goes to school.  This area is not too far from the Junior High.  This area is not too far from the High School and this is about the time Ethan is walking home, past that area.  This area is not too far from our home.  This Hy-Vee is where Joshua works and he walks to work around 5 pm and with the weather being so nice he walks home around 9:45-10:30 at night.  This scares me, walking at night with a cougar on the lose.  Well truthfully any time of day scares me but I think it would be better to see what is coming than be blind by the darkness.

I have discussed with the younger boys what they should do if they happen to see it.  Seriously, I am no expert but I felt like I had to say something.  I AM THE MOM!  A mother bear wanting to protect her cubs.  I want to say to my supervisors, sorry I have to go get my babies and take them home, but I know that will not be acceptable.  I wish Todd was working 3rd shift right now (yes, you read right, probably thought you would never see that right?) because then he could take Noah to school and pick up everyone after school or taking to work. 

The police and animal control have not been able to locate the cat.  I love animals but I also love my children and do not want anyone to be hurt.  I hope they find the cat and are able to safely relocate it to an area where the cat can live without being in the city.

Yes, you all know me if you follow me, I am a worrier but I am proud my worrying about this is under control.  I just had to educate my boys and have a little talk to their guardian angels and God.  Protect my boys as they walk to where they need to go.  Boys...remember whatever you do...DO NOT RUN if you see it.  Running is bad.  Hmmm...maybe I need to give Ethan his cell phone back earlier but I love how it is making him remember to hand in his homework to improve his grades.  Decisions *tap tap tap* decisions.  I have to make up my mind on that one.

What would you do?

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