Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday Confessional


It's that time of week again for confessions. Hope on over to Mamarazzi's and check out what others have to confess about.

I confess...
I am super excited for Saturday!  Yep it will be our first weekend where I make our tailgating lunches.  Saturday is the big game between Iowa and Iowa State and then Sunday ( I probably will not be watching) is the NFL games.
I confess...

I am not a big NFL fan but I support my husband in what he does.
I confess...

Saturday I plan to do a lot of canning.  I am in hopes to get all of the chili base done and possibly the salsa too.  I love canning.  I love seeing how wonderful the garden produced, thanks to mother nature and to our work...if it fails it is because of the darn bugs and mother nature...never us.  ha ha ha
I confess...

I need to get a new battery for my car before winter.  When I had my oil change the guy tried to talk me into getting their battery and install it.  Umm...No Thank You.  $170 is a little too expensive in my opinion.  I found another store that will do it for only $65...ding ding ding the winner and it has the same warranty and life expectance.  Shoot it is the exact same battery.
I confess...

I do not like men trying to take advantage of women like that.

Well I need to hurry back to work, because I have to.  I just wanted to get this posted because my wonderful husband is taking me out for an evening out tonight.  It is way over due for us.  We need this time.  I am so in love with this confession there, just the fact!

What do you have to confess this week?Photobucket

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  1. What did you do for your evening out? I hope you had fun!

    We replaced the battery in the truck yesterday. Dave did it himself. It was $100. $170 is way too much for a battery. When we replace the car battery, should be less than the one in the truck.

    Hope you're doing well!


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