Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday Moans

It's time for a Monday Moan and hopefully I will be able to move on with this.  This also guarantee's a Wednesday Woo Hoo for when there is a Moan a Woo Hoo will always follow.

Moooooaaaannnnn for people who have children and have ABSOLUTELY no clue what it takes to raise a child. Seriously, being a parent is more then playing with a child. As a parent you do not have the luxury of being picky as working at a job that you want to for less money if you cannot make ends meet. Moooooaaaannnnn when will they ever get it. STEP UP TO THE PLATE and become a parent you are an adult, it was your actions that created the child. I can go on for hours on this one but I will just stop here.

Moooooaaaannnnn for emotions. They are out of control for me right now. SERIOUSLY OUT OF CONTROL!!!! I am mad, then I feel guilty for being mad. Next I am crying because I am overwhelmed then crying because I am just play sad. Once in awhile I will be happy. (however anytime I am holding Taj I am always happy…babies have a way of doing that.) I feel like maybe I should just spin a dial like the Wheel Of Fortune and see what mood will come up. What is up with me? Moooooaaaannnnn

This Moooooaaaannnnn is for trying to buy a used car for the children. Well adult children. Truthfully they should be buying their own and we should be buying for the minor child that will get his license this time next year or saving for one at least. Moooooaaaannnnn I think we looked at 3 cars this weekend. Todd found one that he liked but I think he wanted my in put and then when we went back it was gone. Moooooaaaannnnn we found one but the guy is shady. He told us that there is something wrong with the power steering only after Todd asked and then he said yeah, it will only be $50 though. I checked around on it yeah $50-$100 for the part then add $250 for the labor. When asked if he is willing to go down in the price by $200, he states no, he just put in $200 to repair it last week, yet never told what it was. Can we say SHADDY. The last car we looked at a big Moooooaaaannnnn. Common, this guy, yes guy pulls up with his car. I hear a knocking sound from the engine. I ask if this is where he generally parks the car and he states yes. On the road, the pavement, huge oil marks. We take it for a spin. Immediately Todd ask about the oil, if he has a problem or when it was changed last. The guy says he knows nothing about cars and has no clue. I am sure the engine may have been knocking from lack of oil. Moooooaaaannnnn I had to explain to him how to check his oil. ME a girl *rolling eyes* Moooooaaaannnnn needless to say, we told him we were not interested.

That is all I have without going from a Moooooaaaannnnn to bitching, so I will stop here.

Moooooaaaannnnn the battery on the lap top died we think. I have less time for the computer now.   I had to slip this one in.


  1. Definite moans! I hate car shopping! And people really should be required to take a class before having children, cuz I have to put up with their mistakes! LOL

  2. I need to get a new car, so I feel your pain. We went through a lot before we found Taed's 4-5 years ago. I don't think we'll be that lucky again with a new one for me. Sigh...

    As for parents, I could sing in the choir with you. The one that really irks me these days are the ones who just *HAD* to have the kid, then complain bitterly about all their "sacrifices". Seriously? It's called birth control, use it if you're not willing to put your child first. (eye roll). And, because they don't want to be bothered, there's the electronic toys. As long as the kid isn't bothering them....

    Sorry for your emotions. Sounds like there's a lot going on and maybe your body/mind can't figure out which is most important. :) Or they could just be that way 'cause you need to seriously bitch-slap someone (which you can't do), so your body is just trying to work it out. I'm kidding.

    Hope your Tuesday is fabulous. Have a good day.


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