Monday, September 19, 2011

Surprise Baby Shower

I have very few true friends here in Iowa City.  I guess when you get older it is harder to make friends like one does when they are younger.  Friends mean everything to me and I find I am lonely from time to time.  I met this person nearly 3 years ago.  She is young enough to be my daughter but there is this connection between us.  What you see is what you get with Jessica.  She does not have any hesitation to stand up for what she believes in.  I am proud to call her a friend.  We even joke from time to time, that I am her work Mother.  She is very close to her siblings just as I used to be.  They are a close knit family and I hope they continue to be forever.  I know I can always trust Jessica and she will always be there for me.

Jessica had been trying for a couple of years to become pregnant.  It was a little difficult on her at first when she found out her sister was pregnant, only because this was what she wanted.  She accepted it and became a wonderful aunt to her sister's daughter.  Her friends were getting pregnant.  I thought to myself how unfair this would be for her not to have a baby, so I prayed for her to be blessed with a child.  A few weeks later I found out she was pregnant and she became pregnant about the time I prayed too. 

Jessica switched departments in her last month of her pregnancy and I wanted to do something special for her.  I organized a surprise baby shower.  She loved it.

 My second diaper cake. 
 She has the nursery 'ABC' Blocks and giraffes.
 The little rosettes between the rolled diapers are baby wash cloths.
Th larger orange one is the hat that goes with the little outfit.

 We also celebrated a birthday the same day as the shower.


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