Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tackle It Tuesday

We tackled our garden this weekend.  
Our first large harvest this Summer.
We planted crops a little late and with the cooler weather coming soon,
we may have some problems when it comes to tomatoes ripening.
 15 pickling cucumbers sliced for canning.
I ended up canning 7 Bread and Butter Pickles and 4 Polish Dill Pickles (pints)
 Left over beans to be frozen, the rest went to meals for this week and canning.
This ended up being 2 frozen bags worth ( a little seasoning and butter in the bag prior to freezing)
I also ended up canning 5 pint jars of pickling green beans.
 Our first actual harvest for the tomatoes, 
We have 7 plants loaded with Roma that are green as can be.
We have a total of 13 tomato plants all have green tomatoes still.
This will become chili base, salsa, and pasta sauce once we have more tomatoes.
This zucchini surprised us and we have another probably ready to pick tomorrow.
This bag is 1/2 full of banana peppers, hot peppers and 3 Bell peppers.
Dinner was a twist on stuffed peppers.

I was very busy in the kitchen on labor day due to our garden.
However I love it!

What did you tackle this week?

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