Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ten Years Later

10 Years!  10 years seems to be a long time but every year Americans remember and talk about where were they the day the world stop.  Yes, it definitely seemed to stop for some but to even think about the families who had loved ones, time definitely did not stop at that moment. Their lives changed more then the rest of the Nations did.  Last year I posted where I was when this horrific event happened.  My son, Ethan only being in Pre-School then wanted to read it.  He wept when he saw the pictures of people jumping out of the windows.  He asked me why?  Why did people do this?  No hope is what I told him.  They had no hope they were going to make it alive and did not want to burn to death.  No pictures in this post except for this...

I found this and felt like this is a great tribute.  The four planes,the towers,  and the Pentagon.  I like how two stripes of the American flag is missing like the twin towers in the New York skyline.  It's a great tribute.

10 years is a long time, we all have moved on however we will never forget.  I am watching this documentary "Rebirth".  I like how the producers made this.  They followed individuals that actually involved with the twin towers, either victims or loved ones.  He met up with them once a year for ten years.  He also had a camera in place where the twin towers used to be...ground zero...time lapse over ten years. It shows the healing these people had to go through to keep living.  Life will never stay the same, we all have to move on..but to REMEMBER is something we all must do and pass to our next generations because it has touched us and changed us in so many ways.  Holding hatred in our hearts is not any part of healing.  Many people who were affected have let go of the hate.  I do not know what else to say except my heart goes out towards all the families still.  I just cannot imagine losing someone I love like this.

I hope we never have to ever experience anything like this again.


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