Wednesday, September 7, 2011

We Want to Know


This week's questions are from QuesoMamarazzi and she hosted this.

1. What is your favorite holiday?
2. Do you have any fun holiday traditions? What are they?

3. When do you start Christmas shopping?

4. What is your favorite holiday food?

5. Share a favorite childhood holiday memory

6. Have you ever actually tried fruitcake??

Well here is goes:
1. What is your favorite holiday?   Valentine's Day is my ultimate holiday.  It has been the one and only holiday that has always been what it is meant to be...celebration of LOVE.  My favorite to decorate is Christmas.
2. Do you have any fun holiday traditions? What are they? We decorate the Christmas tree and my younger boys still help with decorating Christmas Cookies.  Occasionally the older children assist.  Not this Christmas but the following I will have my little Taj (my grandson) assist as well.  I think I might try this year, he will only be 5 months, however I do not think he will understand.  The children love the entire house being decorated but they do not enjoy assisting me put everything up.  I try to add every year.
3. When do you start Christmas shopping?  As soon as I see something on sale that I think the person I am buying for it will like.  We have a few things picked up now for the kids.  I do participate in Black Friday Shopping.  I love getting deals!  6 years ago, I actually stood in line for over 10 hours for a lap top. I walked away with one and a black eye from a guy punching me trying to steal it out of my hands.  *sigh* He ended up going to jail.  It was the same year that people were trampled for the same lap top in Michigan I think.  It's so sad that people have that type of mentality...yes, the savings are great but common's only materialistic gift.
4. What is your favorite holiday food? I'm assuming we are talking about Christmas still.  Oh my!  My favorite isn't necessarily food, but I love Egg Nog!  I cannot go through the holiday season without a glass of Egg Nog.
5. Share a favorite childhood holiday memory. Well, let's see. I hate to say it as a child, I did not have a lot of "happy" childhood holiday memory of the actual day, but I loved baking and decorating cookies and making Christmas candy with my mother, maybe that is why I go all out in the baking still.
6. Have you ever actually tried fruitcake?? Nope and no desire either.



  1. My youngest (18 now) has worked at TJ Maxx for 2 years now on Black Friday and she has so many war stories.

    UGH fruitcake. YUCK.

  2. someone PUNCHED you?! that's awful!!! people get so crazy on black friday... but at least you got your lap top! :) and my hubs LOVES egg nog fact he makes egg nog milk shakes every year and i just can't bring myself to try them!

    ps- I'm givin' love for mamarazzi today too, she's out of town but says hi to everyone! :)

  3. oh my gosh with your story about the laptop! So glad he ended up in jail for that! I can't imagine standing in line for 10 hours! WTG for you and that you scored a laptop!

    Eggnog is sooooo good!! My son and his friend in years past sometimes would pick it with Dr. Pepper. Surprisingly, it tasted pretty good!



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