Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wednesday Woo Hoo

Let's here it for Wednesday Woo Hoo!

Alright, the mood I have been in, it is a little hard to look for my Woo Hoos but they are there.  I know it.

To start with Woo Hoo for Ethan improving 3 of his grades.  He is now only failing 1 class compared to failing 2 and D- for the other two.  (I think you can see some of my stress here now)  Woo Hoo I think I found something that motivates him to turn in his homework...his cell phone.  Any time there is a grade less than a C...the phone is mine until he improves it.  This is working great right now.  I hope it keeps working.  Woo Hoo for finding something that works.

Woo Hoo for Noah helping me cook last week.  We had a breakfast for dinner. It has been a long time since we did that and I wanted French Toast in the worse way, so eggs, bacon, sausage, and French Toast was dinner one night.  Noah asked what was for dinner and then asked if he could help.  He helped me with everything, his favorite thing was to use the whisk to mix the eggs.  Woo Hoo for him enjoying time with Mom in the kitchen still.  I know these days are going to be gone soon, so I will love them while I have them.  He even mentioned a couple of times since that night how much fun he had to help.  I need to find another meal and maybe do this a little more often.  It was nice one on one time with him.

Woo Hoo I have not had much problems with Noah for a while now.  Could he be maturing and giving me a break until he reaches my least favorite age... 13?  Who knows but I am loving it right now. Woo Hoo.

Woo Hoo for the wonderful husband I have.  He is giving up the Hawkeye game, NFL Sunday, and our typical Taj time this weekend for an outing with me.  Woo Hoo this weekend if weather permits we will be going to Living History Farms for a photography classes.  Woo Hoo, I am in huge hopes of learning more about my camera.  We also will get to go to an old fashion baseball game.  Woo baseball.

Well that is all I have for this week.  What do you have to Woo Hoo about?

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  1. I love the idea of celebrating everything that went well:-)


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