Sunday, October 23, 2011

Great River Road ~Adventure #2

As I stated in my previous post, Todd and I chose to take an adventure on the Great River Road.  Truthfully it was his idea, well his spoken idea to indulge one of the things I have always wanted to of fall trees along the Mississippi River.  Todd brought it up and explained how he thought it would be a great one day get away from the stress of our day to day adventures at home.  Do I have the best husband or what?  I think so.  Due to our late start the week prior, we did not make it all the way up the state of Iowa's border of the Mississippi River.  As we were leaving Bellevue State Park the first road trip, Todd brought up the idea to come back the following weekend to see if the trees would have more color.  We both were hoping for some deep beautiful reds to add to the beauty we were viewing currently. We did exactly that.  We drove to Bellevue State Park.  We did not see more trees with reds but we did see Fall's beauty. 

Once we arrived we went to the bluff where I took pictures before.  We did not see more reds but some of the yellow leaves were gone from strong winds.  We then decided to go hiking there.  I am only going to post some of my pictures but will link up all of them under my tab "My Photos"... Fall 2011.

The path to our first trail we hiked.
Todd ventured out further than I did.  
I found my fear of heights were a lot stronger then his.
I am glad he was able to venture out but to tell you the truth he scared me too.  
Here is a picture of his hiking shoes that day.

Our second trail was named Indian Mound.
This time the park had a fence up where I could be courageous and see exactly
what Todd saw on the other trail.
I am not sure exactly what or who he was saluting but I love his humor.
After we left the state park, Todd did not want to give up on seeing some red foliage, so onward we went.  We continued the Great River Road near the Mississippi River until we reached as far north of Iowa as we could go...
...Dubuque.  Although we did not see the deep red leaves, I had a wonderful time with my darling husband.  He demonstrated to me once again how thoughtful he is and how much he loves me.  I am very fortunate to have met him and feel so lucky that we fell in love with one another.


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