Sunday, October 23, 2011

Great River Road~Adventure #1

Two weekends ago, Todd and I went to see his Mother in Davenport.  She had moved and this was our first opportunity to see her new home.  We thought since the trees were suppose to be at their peek for fall colors and since we had no Taj that day, a drive up the Ol' Mississippi River would do wonders.  We asked both Ethan and Noah if they wanted to join us but they both thought it would be boring.  We started as far south one could on the coast of Iowa and planned on driving up the Great River Road all the way to the top where Iowa meets Wisconsin.  We actually left a lot later then we anticipated from his Mother's new home.

The Beginning of our journey!
 Along the Mississippi River near the Quad Cities: Dubuque area
Fall's colors are definitely not peeking near the Dubuque area.
We drove for a little while and around Clinton we found this little island.  Actually it is a little lake that is part of the Mississippi River.  The little island is called Driscol Island.  It really is not much but a place where one can pull off the road and fish and picnic.  For Todd and I it was a place to stop and take some pictures.

 I am finding that I am falling in love more and more with nature over the years.
I love this picture of the bird house with the Fall foliage behind it.
 I also loved how the sun glistened on the water.  
 Add some fall colors to the trees, absolutely beautiful!

We continued on our journey heading towards the north.  In Bellevue we found a state park were we could have a beautiful view from some bluffs.  We both thought this would be a wonderful stop.

 Our view as we drove into the State Park.
 We both loved the trees, the colors, and the bluffs as we entered.
 Inside the park, Todd noticed a Butterfly Garden and this was our first stop inside the State Park.

We definitely plan to go back next September according to the sign the Butterfly Garden
should be at it's peak of butterflies then.

 On our way out we found a Cardinal
On to the bluff section of the park.
 The captain of our voyage!

After the state park, we had to head home.  The day was drawing near the end and we needed to get back home by 6 pm for the kick off to the Hawkeyes Football game.  Okay, Todd had to get back.
 Our beautiful view on our way home...bug splatter and all.
 Not bad for the car moving 65mph and me taking a picture with the car window down.


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