Sunday, October 30, 2011

Random Ramblings

I hurt my arm last Sunday, thus making it hard to type until yesterday.  I have been following my typical blogs and reading, just not commenting or posting.  Last week I was canning, apple sauce and apples in a cinnamon syrup when I made a very careless mistake.  I lifted the lid on my large pot of boiling water to place my canned jars in for their water bath.  I do NOT know what I was thinking, I opened the lid towards me instead of away and was burned by the steam.  The first picture is what it looked like within 5 minutes.  I kept going, I did not even scream one bit.  Oh I wanted to scream but I did not.  We had our grandson over and I did not want to scare him or Ethan, Noah, or even Todd.  Todd just happened to come out in the kitchen shortly after I took the picture.  I was waving my arm back and forth after running water over it.  He said something (truthfully I was in so much pain I have no clue what he said.) and then noticed I was in pain and asked what happened.  I explained and then received the look "you know better than that", he shook his head and told me I should go to the ER because it looks like it could be 2nd or 3rd degree burn.  I told him I would but I have to finish canning.  As I stated earlier Taj was there and he was demanding to be held (fighting sleep) so there was no way Todd would be able to assist me.  I kept canning until I could not stand the pain any longer, with 10 minutes left of the water bath I went to Todd and told him I had to go and went.  It ended up being 1st and mostly 2nd degree burn.  Very painful. I do have a high pain thresh hold but I cannot even imagine the pain someone would have if it were 3rd degree or even a large part of their body maybe that is why they have the morphine drip because I do not know how anyone could tolerate the pain.   Here is what it looks like now. I know it looks bad but it looks better than it did earlier this week. I know it is going to take a long time for this baby to heal.  I am just praying I do not have much of a scar from it.  Every time I look at it or feel it, I think...How stupid I was.   *sigh* The only way I can type is by holding my arm high enough not to hit the desk or pull the keyboard near the edge of the desk to ensure that I will not touch the desk.  I am very thankful the pain is subsiding and it is not consistent any longer.  Again, my heart goes to anyone with 3rd degree burns or even a larger part of their body.

I have been doing a lot of training at work.  I enjoy it, however I am falling behind on my real job functions.  I have so many more responsibilities then just answering the phones.  I enjoy being busy but there were several fires I had to put out this week.  I am getting over time right now as well, which will help with Christmas.  This past week, while I was in pain I worked 11.5 hours over time.  I started a new class (training) on Monday of last week too.  *laughing out loud for real*  These poor people (5 in total) probably thought I was nuts.  Shortly after I arrived to work I took my generic Vicodin, by 9 am I was slurring my words as if I was drunk.  I repeated things and had such a hard time keeping my eyes open.  I seriously thought that I should drink one of those 5 hour energy drinks at lunch time, but then my sense came to me...high caffeine and Vicodin may not be a good idea, so I just bought a Mt Dew for the extra sugar and apologized to the new temps.  Yep, I have trained a total of 18 temps just to get us through our Open Enrollment season, out of the 18 only 8 or 9 will have an opportunity for a job in my department.  We had 6 people transfer out of our department into other departments since July.  We definitely do not need all 6 positions filled (We do not want to be over staffed where more cut backs will come later.  We lost 18 near the beginning of the year.) but maybe 3 or 4.  I feel great that my supervisor has been letting me assist with interviews as well as listening to my feedback on the temps.  It is going to be hard to only higher a few when we know they all need jobs.

We have not even decorated for Halloween yet and tomorrow is Trick or Treat.  I am not sure if we will even have time to do so.  Both Todd and I have been working overtime, I know we will disappoint our little beggars as well as the kids but I just do not see how it will get done this year.  Nothing new to add to our display for sure this year.

Yesterday I did some shopping with Ethan and Noah.  They drove me nuts in the store.  I wish they would behave when I take them somewhere instead of acting like toddlers and getting into everything and pushing and hitting one another.  We had several people just staring at us.  I finally gave up and forgot some necessities we needed.  Although they drove me nuts towards the end, we had a great lunch with just the 3 of us.  Nice bonding time.  I also did some shopping for my Autumn Swap hosted by Mamarazzi.  I do not want to get everything since I do not know who I will be swapping yet, but I did pick up a few items.  I am too excited to send them as well as see what goodies I will get.

I cannot wait for later today when Kera will come over.  I am having some Taj with draws plus I need to finish my gift I was making for Kera.  It will not be a total surprise since she will be here when I complete it.  I meant to do it last Sunday but could not since I hurt myself.

Well this is it for my ramble session.  I need to get moving and make my Halloween cookies.  I am so far on everything with the combination of everything this week.  Sadly I will not be tasting any of my goodies.  Tuesday I had to go to the doctor so she can take a look at the burn and change the bandage.  My blood pressure went up (seriously) after I stepped on the scale.  I am so horrified that I am as heavy as I am.  I am only 15 pounds shy of my heaviest weight.  I told myself I would never reach this weight again.  I think it is all because I have not been able to be active for 3 years due to my knees.  Enough!  I am going to have to do something because my life will definitely be shortened if I keep this weight on or even gain any more.  I plan to keep a little journal and may post something once a month.  I need to find something.  It will be a difficult road to start with the Holidays upon us but I MUST do something NOW.


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  1. Oh, my! That looks awful! I sure hope you're starting to feel better soon, but gosh! It's terrible!


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