Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tackle It Tuesday - Frame Make Over

Shortly after I moved here to Iowa City, my then boy friend's daughter (now step-daughter) told me how much she loved this frame.  A few months after she graduated she moved out for two years and then had to move back home.  We originally thought it would be for a year, so we had some of her stuff stored in the garage.  It ended up being 3 years.  This past May she and her sister moved out to their own apartment.  While she went through her belongings she came across her frame. It rusted some due to the weather elements being stored in the garage and she wanted to throw it away, however I saw a beautiful make over in the frame and thought what a beautiful frame it would be to house her soon to be baby's picture, so I kept it.

In her apartment she has a lot of black frames, so naturally I thought painting it black would be nice.  I thought if I kept the hearts sliver and the love silver, they just might pop.  The pink ribbon had to go since she was having a baby boy.  I thought that I would put Vaseline on the word love prior to spray painting the frame to keep the paint from adhering, however I was pleasantly surprised when I took the frame apart and found that it was only a silver piece of paper taped to the frame.

Naturally, I untapped the silver paper and the ribbon.

I washed the frame and did a little sanding where the rust was on the frame.

Then I took it outdoors to paint.  I placed paper on the surface and added some wood pieces down to place the frame on the newspaper.  This would prevent the paint on the newspaper sticking to the frame while it dried.. Then an even coat of spray paint.  After it dried, it was a smooth surface, however I wanted a little texture to the paint, so I sprayed it again, this time a thicker coat. I liked the way the paint bubbled up and gave it a texture. 

Once the frame was dried I added the blue ribbon and the silver paper again.

 One day my husband and I took Taj to have his 3 months pictures while we babysat him. We did this as a surprise for his mother.  The pictures came back around her birthday.  I added one of his pictures and then gave it to her as a gift.

I loved how it turned out!  The hearts and wording popped just like I imagined it would.  She was pleasantly surprised about the frame as well as the picture inside it.  It definitely made her smile. 

I am posting this to 5 Minutes for Moms.
What did you tackle this week?


  1. what a great idea and the finished project is beautiful! What a great surprise! I bet she loved it!


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