Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wednesday Woo Hoos

Woo Hoo for this past weekend.  Todd and I (offered Ethan and Noah and both turned us down) went on a road trip.  The weekend prior we went to his Mom's new house to see it and then drove up the Great River Road.  Basically it is a road that runs along the Iowa board of the Mississippi River.  We made it nearly the entire state of Iowa two weeks ago but then it started to get late and we needed to start home.  We stopped at a state park called Bellevue and enjoyed the trees and butterfly garden.  This made me WOO HOO and HAPPY!  I will have another post sometime later this weekend about our trips but here are a couple from this past weekend.  We decided to head back up to Bellevue State Park to see if the trees changed any more within a week.  We also wanted to finish the road trip up to the Wisconsin boarder. Woo Hoo it was such a great time.  We spent several hours at the park hiking.  Woo Hoo for some exercise but my my muscles were not HAPPY. 

Woo Hoo I get to see my Mom and Dad tonight.  As I am typing this they are at the University of Iowa Hospital.  My Dad is having his first consultation there for a Liver Transplant.  He will have several test today and tomorrow, so instead of driving home (2 hours) or getting a hotel they will be staying with me.  This will make me HAPPY to see them.  I have to work overtime tonight so I will not have a lot of time with them, but every minute counts in my book, especially with Dad.

Woo Hoo it is Wednesday and I have NOT had to argue with one child about homework yet this week.  Trust me this makes me HAPPY and makes me want to do a HAPPY DANCE...WOO HOO!!!!!   

What do you have to Woo Hoo or be HAPPY about?  Stop by Mamarrazi's HAPPY post and link up.




  1. Those are some great things to cheer about:-)

  2. lots to be happy and woo hoo about!


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