Thursday, October 20, 2011

You've Been Boo-ed!

A few years ago, someone in my company started "You've been Boo-ed!" It barely made my department on time.  It is kind of like a Secret Santa.  You get a little package of Halloween goodies and a cute little poem.  Within the poem it states you have to boo two other people within 2 days. You also need to copy the poem and the sign that is to be hung up after you have been booed to tell others, you have been booed already.

After the first year, I made a point to always start it within our department, however a couple of departments never got it last year.  I made my mind up that I will start it within all departments, so at the end of the season I picked up several things to add to the baskets I will pick up later at the dollar tree.  This year I started 6 different departments, plus gave two within my department.  Here are 5 of my basket of goodies.

I made some other baskets that had a bunch of goodies and no candy because these individuals I knew were trying to lose weight, so I wanted to make sure I booed them, because I did not want them tempted since they are doing an outstanding job with their new lifestyle.  Some of the goodies are little Halloween trinkets, water globes, decorations, earings, socks, candles, you name it, you can add it.

 It's a great moral booster at work. Next year, I think I may mail a few boo-ed goodies.  I think some long distant friends may need a pick me up as well.

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